Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] I ft 562 VA& t oth'h ampton axd neighbourhood /i'1 1 I- || Vare Thomas S. acting correspondent to South Stoneham & ; Eastleigh' school managers, Westend Vare Walter, market gardener, Westend _ Varnes [...]
Full text:[...]  740 X?IS SOUTHAMPTON AND NElGSBOtX&HOOD ' 3 V" f r r I' , 1 J ; ■■ ri# ('iNiNG Rooms—continued. Naish Horace, 35 Bernard street . Paeey Arthur John, 92 High street Pacey H. 92 High street Parr Frank [...]
Full text:[...] fS2 "FtJM SOtJS-HAM^tOK, etc. classified iuAfiBS .DiEEdroEy—1920. 1 I« ]i4i' :;!;;!1 Furmttuke Dealers & Warehouses—con. Madge Robert John, g Palmerston road Payne Mrs. L. C. Commercial road, Bittern [...]
Full text:[...] Eook ^ 57 Orchard place & i Queen's terrace ' Bu pett A. insurance agent, 6 Eigby road Bulpett Edward, assistant insurance sunt Ampthin villa,. 196 Foundry la.Millbrook Bulstrode Chafes G. & 80ns, au [...]
Full text:[...] CLASSIFIED TRADES DIRECTORY—-1920. % Whitehouse Miss, 21 King's Park rd Bellevue *Wilkms Misses, 33 Palmerston road Williams Mrs. 15 Blechynden terrace Withers Miss Kate, Sandhurst, Vincent avenue, S [...]
Full text:[...] southampton d1 rectory—1920. The Southampton Chamber of Commerce, established in 1851 and incorporated in 1875, holds its meetings at 75 Above bar, where a room has been set apart for the use of its [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DI RECTORY—1920. Si the season; in addition to waiting rooms, there is a large club room in connection with the gentlemen's plunge bath; galleries around the baths render them eminently [...]
Full text:[...] vs r ii 54 ABO southampton' street directory—1920. . ''I! ? & 4 i'l11' in r T- 4';' Above Bar street—con. 28 Bagnell Mrs. Amelia R. ladies'hair dresser Pillar Letter Box Sunday School Watts Memoria [...]
Full text:[...]  SOUTHAMfTOI, aNu NKLU . s. 23
Full text:[...] / ' private residents directory—1920. BUXi 389 Bryant Herbert a.r.i.b.a. r High street Bryant James, 173 Desborough rd.Eastl'eigh Bryant John Edwin, 52 Floating Bridge rd Bryant John Philip, Hazslden [...]
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