Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] southampton official directory—-1920. 2 7 It also has the: great natural advantage of a d ouble high water, the second being about two hours after the first without any appreciable fall of the tide i [...]
Full text:[...] 52 * ;i southampton official ''tjll^%y—1920, V1 I '!,ir ji ■a Steam Towing Department. Offices, Canute road, Southampton. Telegraphic address, " Tugs, Southampton ;" towing supt. R. M. Etheridge Hyt [...]
Full text:[...] NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON—1920. BITTERNE. 575 & regis- commercial. Ashford John, relieving- officer trar of births & deaths & vaccination officer, 148 Church road, Stoke common Bennett James, Angl [...]
Full text:[...] 576 bitterne. neighbourhood ) ot" southampton—1920. t vicar, is used as a Parish Hall. The Workmen's Hall, in Brook road, founded 111 1882 by the late Miss Martin, of Bitterne Lodge, is rested in the [...]
Full text:[...] "7VT I _ 1 i _ _ by Local Government Board Order No. 37,124, dated April ist, 1898, and reformed March, 1903,and includes the former civil parish of Sboling and St.Mary Extra and the ecclesiastical [...]
Full text:[...] of Hound and St. Mary Extra; it is now included in the civil parish of Itchen, formed 25th March, 1903, and is situated on the east bank of the river Itchen, having a station on the Southampton, [...]
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