Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] if 530 • MAE southampton and neighbourhood r» t I ii i J 1: : i/1 I'll! i'li Martin Parish Hall (H. W. Cooke, clerk to the trustees). Chapel street, Bitterne Martin Arth. batcher, 31 Wilton rd. Shir [...]
Full text:[...] ' >1 i I 522 KHI southampton and neighbourhood Nil m iiii Hi is Knight George, boot maker, 65 Victoria road, Woolston Knight Harry, shopkeeper 62, & fishmonger 64, Romsey road, Shirley Knight Hugh, b [...]
Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY—1920. Gough Austin, ice merchant, Old Northam Gould Geo. & Son, builders, High st. Bitterne Gould Alfred, farmer, Bartley, Copythorne Gould B. cartage contractor, 'Millbrook road [...]
Full text:[...] i„i i; lifiimmmi i ^ 508 SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD ) 'ii 11! '.■ill i 1 'Ml f 1 fh Glass George Shaw b. a., m.b., ch.b., b.a.o., d.p.h. assistant medical officer of health for the Borough & Port [...]
Full text:[...]  commercial directory—1920. Foot & Son, blacksmiths, 74 Orchard lane Foot Harry James, grocer, Redbridge Foot Walter J. registry office, 10 Shirley rd Foot Walt. Jn.grocer,4o Emsworth rd.Shirley Foot [...]
Full text:[...] 472 WIT SOUTHAMPTON AN"I) NEIGHBOURHOOD If Witt George, Horley villa, Chapel sfc. Bitterne Witt Henry Edward, 17 Northbrook road Witt James, 8 Chantry road Witt John Alexander, 24 Middle street Wit [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS DIRECTORY—1920. 467 Whitfield Edward Daymond, 79 Btillar road, Bitterne park ^ Whitfield Frederick Wm. 93 St. Andrew's rd Whitfield George, 127 Church street, Shirley Whitfield Geor [...]
Full text:[...] 454 TX72& SOUTHA^rPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD % Turner Ernest, 54 Milton road Turner Ernest, 11 Oak Tree rd. Bitterne pic Turner F. BeresTord J.p. 18 Cumberland pi Turner Frank, Welbeck, Little Testwood [...]
Full text:[...] Styles MM Louisa,31 Campbellrd. Eastleigh Suddery Mrs. 237 Shirley road H^hfieldIt6r Heaver' I5 ^'urzedown road. Salhvan Arthur, Killarney, Kenilworth road Sullivan John, 118 Brinton's road Sulhvan J [...]
Full text:[...] 44° Sj?j& SOUTHAMPTON AND NEiGHBOtTBHOOft I I 'i I I'L h I' Spreadbury Cornelius,- 48 Cranbury road, Eastleigh Spriddell Thos. P. B. Penlce, Northlands rd Spriggs Jn. Andrew, 153 Northumberland rd S [...]
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