Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] I' 8 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY—1920. was_ renovated in 1889, at a cost of ,£1,000.11913, has an area of 47 acres and possesses a Carlton Baptist church, London road, was chapel in Gothic style, also a lo [...]
Full text:[...] southampton official directory—-1920. 2 7 It also has the: great natural advantage of a d ouble high water, the second being about two hours after the first without any appreciable fall of the tide i [...]
Full text:[...] n ■ S° SOUTHAMPTON OFFICIAIi DIRECTORY—1920. Captain&Quartermaster T. Johnson e^b. ; chief clerk & clerk in charge of accounts, F. C. Bagley ; military clerk,T. S.JJaker ; superintendent of-printing, [...]
Full text:[...] F »!', If! 36 SOUTHAMPTON OFS1CIAL DlKECtOBY—1920. * I I I, "1 ti( I. ft c dl' Kenny S. G. Kimber, Thomas Lewis, T. McDonnell, W. Mouland, Rev. Father O'Mahoiiy, F.G: Ryder, Rev. H.T.Spencer [...]
Full text:[...] >7, <• "? R l|\ Ihi|; r-) - & if 'I' # 68 ATH - Athelstan boad—con. koeth side. Kendall SydneyG.(Campana) Lister J. T. (Kiama) Phillips Trevor Watts (Atair) Gammins W. E. (Hove cot) Hocken Richard ( [...]
Full text:[...] street directory—1920. Banisters road, The Avenue to Archer's road. south & east sides. 5 Johns Henry (Westbury) 7 Barbenson Mrs.(Hedgeley) 9 Steele & Dawe Misses, schl ii Dawe Philip, a.m.inst.c.e. [...]
Full text:[...] street directory—1920. BEL ; t I "1 t 82 Jones Mrs 84 Kennell Louis 86 Wort George 100 Harvey Mrs 302 Carter Thomas 104 Lee Frederick William 106 Young Walter Frank 108 Biggs Thomas no Willows Alber [...]
Full text:[...] ¥ I:.,' I v- I i 78 B3V -Bbvois street—continued. 82 Scammell William 83 Dear George 84 Jacobs Mrs 85 Queen's Head p.h. Walter James Baker is Melbourne st...... Pillar Letter Box 86 Gi [...]
Full text:[...] I ! K p 84 £BI Brinton's road—continued, 26 Hounsell Mrs 28 Howard Miss 30 Pearce Bertram 32 Kenney Charles ::1; 34 White Charles George 36 Davis Mrs. S 38 Hurst James 40 Strong Frederick 42 Maidman [...]
Full text:[...] 17 t 34 Painter George 36 Bushell Leonard 38 Deal James William 40 Baverstock Alfred 42 Mel moth Harold Bertram 44 Sherriff James 4t) Mallett Albert 48 Warner Arthur Clausentum road, Bitterne park, [...]
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