Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...]  6g8 WOOLSTON. NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON—1920. Dowman Albert Harry, 4 Hazeleigh avenue Downer Frank Benjamin, 11 Surrey road Downer Herbert Russell, 57 Alma road - Dovie Walt. J.2 Floating bctge. [...]
Full text:[...] neighbourhood of southampton—1920. woolston. 697 Carter Alfred, 21 Alma road Carter Charles, 47 Porchester road Carter Henry Eiford, The Laurels, Milton rd Carter Leonard, 20 Bedford avenue Cartmell [...]
Full text:[...] 694 woolston. NEIGHBOURHOOD- OP SOUTHAMPTON'—1920. Victoria road—continued. 207 Dawes Mrs 209 May Richard 2ii Sturgess Alfred 213 Short house John 215 White William 217 Cable Charles 219 Miles Charle [...]
Full text:[...] tfMGHBomijiooi) oP soaTHAMPTOM—1920. wooLsToisf. 689 West side. Steele Wm. John (Craiglea) Baker Mrs. Emma (Dunoon) ' is Inker man rd..... 13 Moore George (Oakleigh) 11 Davies Frederick Hen [...]
Full text:[...] 682 WESTBND? neighbourhood of southampton—1920. In 1 Marshall William, Southampton Arms p.h May G-. E. & Co. bakers & grocers Moody Albert, market gardener Moody William, farmer Jfewman Wm. Jsph. Spo [...]
Full text:[...] fl! 680 totton. neighbourhood of southampton—1920. Bishop Tom, grocer, & assistant overseer & collector of rates Boyce James, batcher Broombridge Annie (Mrs.), draper, Brown William C. C. school, R [...]
Full text:[...] 676 SOtJl'H STONEHAM. NEIGHBOURHOOD Of SOUTHAMPTON—1920. :ti Browning J. 4 Child's cottages, High road Budden D. 3 Child's cottages, High road Candy C. 5 Child's cottages, High road Candy John, Beaul [...]
Full text:[...]  neighbourhood of southampton"—-1920. south stoneham. 675 wheat, oats and barley. The soil is sandy ; subsoil,, gravel and clay. The area is 1,296 acres,' 26 of water, 4 of tidal water and 1 of fores [...]
Full text:[...] 662 itches', etc. neighbourhood of southampton—-1920 Independent Order of Good Templars, " Dawn of Liberty" lodge, Primitive Methodist hall, tuesdays at 8 p.m Railway Station (S. W. Railway), Albert [...]
Full text:[...] NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON—1920. ITCHEST, ETC. 655 1 Kellaway Frederick, 8 High street Keen John William, 147- High street Kennedy Palmer Ephraim, 161.High street Kent George, 14 Garton road Kenwar [...]
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