Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS DIRECTORY—1920. 467 Whitfield Edward Daymond, 79 Btillar road, Bitterne park ^ Whitfield Frederick Wm. 93 St. Andrew's rd Whitfield George, 127 Church street, Shirley Whitfield Geor [...]
Full text:[...] 472 WIT SOUTHAMPTON AN"I) NEIGHBOURHOOD If Witt George, Horley villa, Chapel sfc. Bitterne Witt Henry Edward, 17 Northbrook road Witt James, 8 Chantry road Witt John Alexander, 24 Middle street Wit [...]
Full text:[...] NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON—1920. ITCHEST, ETC. 655 1 Kellaway Frederick, 8 High street Keen John William, 147- High street Kennedy Palmer Ephraim, 161.High street Kent George, 14 Garton road Kenwar [...]
Full text:[...] neighbourhood of southampton—1920. woolston. 697 Carter Alfred, 21 Alma road Carter Charles, 47 Porchester road Carter Henry Eiford, The Laurels, Milton rd Carter Leonard, 20 Bedford avenue Cartmell [...]
Full text:[...]  6g8 WOOLSTON. NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON—1920. Dowman Albert Harry, 4 Hazeleigh avenue Downer Frank Benjamin, 11 Surrey road Downer Herbert Russell, 57 Alma road - Dovie Walt. J.2 Floating bctge. [...]
Full text:[...] ?r6 B 1¥ SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD is'1; ! ': - i'i" 1i .; # i/l Mi to Bakers—continued. Chapman William, 19 Church street, Shiiley Cheek ley Ernest, 59 Oak Bank road, Itehen Cox Edwin, 18 Palme [...]
Full text:[...] 1 '. j 726 BITS SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD rj-j!; lUllil ^ 0,1 I't U i BmLDiNG Societies—continued. Starr-Bowkett Building Society, 213th. (Wm. Walton, secretary), 7 Portland street Starr-Bowk [...]
Full text:[...] MM* CLASSIFIED TRADES DIRECTORY—1920. GrK.0 755 Cooper Philip, 46 Portsmouth road, Woolston Courtney T. 108 Park road, Freemantle Cox Francis Charles (& post office), 1 Mill- brook road, Freemantle C [...]
Full text:[...] CLASi>II?IED TRADES DIRECTORY-—1920. Clark Samuel, Junction road, Tofcton Clemens Frederick S. Simual street Cole Mrs. Gertrude,Portsmouth rd.Woolston Coley Miss Lizzie, 51 Coleman street Collins Cha [...]
Full text:[...] 796 SHO SOOTHAJMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD 1 I Shopkeepers—continued. lies Miss, 28 Foundry lane, Mill brook Illsley Mrs. Violet, 78 Bullar street Ings Urwin, 39 Stratfcon road, Shirley Iremonger Thomas, [...]
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