Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...]  ■■■' ,n 572 BASS32TT. NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON—»1920. m.b., b.c.camb., Glandore, Win- t "11 Gillespie Thomas m.a., m.r.c.s., L.B.C.p.LOnd. Chester road Oilman Frank, Elmhurst, Winchester road G [...]
Full text:[...] 576 bitterne. neighbourhood ) ot" southampton—1920. t vicar, is used as a Parish Hall. The Workmen's Hall, in Brook road, founded 111 1882 by the late Miss Martin, of Bitterne Lodge, is rested in the [...]
Full text:[...] "N'Day Capt. Charles Edward, Bitterne way I'wDay Harry Lewis, Beechcroft, Beech 1 avenue, Bitterne grove g*Dean Frederic W. Droxville, Maple road, ; Bitterne grove | Dear Jasper, Chapel street I Dell [...]
Full text:[...] Urry Francis, grocer, "Alma road Yare Ernest Alfred, confectioner. High street Watson Arthur, boot maker, Chapel street Watts Wm. Fredk. assoc. san.inst. sanitary inspector & building surveyor to Sou [...]
Full text:[...] I spacious offices in the-Leigh road, -where the business of the Council is now transacted. This place was formed into an ecclesiastical parish in 1868 from the civil parish of South Stoneham. The ch [...]
Full text:[...] neighbourhood of southampton—1920. SO'TOD and FETLBY ABBEY. Hound is a. parish, comprising the villages of Netley Abbey, Old Netley and Buttocks Heath, on the banks of Southampton Water, with a stati [...]
Full text:[...] > i 634 hythe. neighbourhood of southampton—1920, t:: above high water mark, constructed, in 1879 and steamboats ply to and fro nearly every hour. The place is supplied with water by the Southampton [...]
Full text:[...] i 4 ^ I M I i < ii r, . i U ' r [• i y 636 HYTHEo neighbourhood of sout hajipton—1920. Eng. May, Harden & May Limited, yacht & boat builders Milligan William, teacher of music, 1 & 2 Verona cottages [...]
Full text:[...] fiC I 662 i Indepi "D Mef ■ . , j . . , j , . rchbn-, etc. neighbourhod of southampton—1920. WESTON WITH NEWTOWN HailvnS an
Full text:[...] OP SOUTHAMPTON—1920. march wood. 665 Owen Saml. Richd. 118 Newtown rd.Newtwn Oxborrow Mrs. 55 Newtown road, Newtown Faskins Ernest, The Nest, Weston lane Pearce Albert Henry, 19 Newtown rd. Newtn Per [...]