Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] t 4-* w*u—eoatinoad. 19 Row* D. greengrocer ao Yiller John, fried fish shop 31 Jarvis John, photographer aa Anderson & West, grocers 33 NorthoverJn.dining rooms ik f.'/iion st........ - [...]
Full text:[...] 84 Taylor-George Wm. pliiibr 86 Abbott Keith 88 Wilson George Albert go Bland.Miss 92 Whitcher Henry Charles 94 Stockdale Miss(Boiifne vil) 96 GubbinsMrs 98 Wildman Alfred A 100 Parsons Arthur Edward [...]
Full text:[...] ; 1 ¥ i/' ior92 ORG - Orchard lane—continued. 50 Clark Arthur B. hair drssr is Union st......... 51 Crabb A. EL baker 52 Woodcock Wm.fishmonger crq.-qj, & « Smith William, firewood dea [...]
Full text:[...]  B S t evGnsonHerb ert (JE5 ee ehfield) Collet Jas. F. H. (Lansdowne) Stanton Mrs. (Newlands) Lord Thomas Medley (Clare-mont) Remsberry cottages. See Warren aventje. Richmond gardens, from g Shaftes [...]
Full text:[...] 142 Butt Alfred William 744 Hunt Harry 146 Bowles James 148 Lan?Jey Ernest Herbert 150 Harddow Archibald 152 Poynter George William 154 Barnes James 156 Good Ernest William 158 Brett Albert John 160 [...]
Full text:[...] S OU T11 AMP T ON AM D NEIGH B 0 UR H 0 OD PRIVATE RESIDENTS DIRECTORY Ni 1 CI For names of persons in trades or professions, see Directory/' which follows this list. Commercial Abbatfc Ed-ward, 15 M [...]
Full text:[...] I m I I.. I ; i: i r 382 XiXJS Lusted William, 65 Charlton road Luther Walt. Hy. 54 Doncaster rd. Eastleigh Lux ford Thos. 25 Foundry lane, Freemantle ' Luxton Walter, 400 Portswood road Lydall O. J [...]
Full text:[...] Styles MM Louisa,31 Campbellrd. Eastleigh Suddery Mrs. 237 Shirley road H^hfieldIt6r Heaver' I5 ^'urzedown road. Salhvan Arthur, Killarney, Kenilworth road Sullivan John, 118 Brinton's road Sulhvan J [...]
Full text:[...] southampton and neighbourhood 528 LON Longster Fred, florist, 28 & 30 London road & nursery, Cumberland place Longster Herbert, florist. Burgess street, Highfield Lord Mrs. wardrobe dealer, 75 Orcha [...]
Full text:[...] commercial directory v\; May lie w Mrs. grocer, 50 Cecil av en. Shirley Mayley Robt. greengro. no Bevois Valley rd , Maynard Sydney, jeweller, 41 Victoria road, f *" Woolston Mayne Kate (Mrs.), confr [...]
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