Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] 28 southampton official directory-—1920. Mooring buoys are laid down in the rivers -Test, Itchen & Hamble for the use of yachts, at an inclusive charge of zd. per reg. ton For rates & charges apply t [...]
Full text:[...] southampton official directory—1920. 39 Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society, T. Kenyon, manager, Junction chambers, 194A, Above Bar street Mayoress Huts' Committee, 30 Carlton crescent ; Mrs. W [...]
Full text:[...] I ■If ' II,, i ! I.' ■ I-'.- #!' i I' I'll:1' i!r ji' % >j I'l, I 4 6 SOUTHAMPTON OFFICIAL DIRECTORY—-1920. Clubs, Literary & Scientific Institutions & Associations, Halls Societies &c. Adelaide Ha [...]
Full text:[...]  so uth ampton official di&ectoby-—1920. 47 Church Lads' Brigade (Shirley Company) ; head quarters, Stratton road, Shirley Cinema Hall, Park street, Shirley Co-operative Catering Club, i Palladium [...]
Full text:[...]  Southampton OFFICIAL DiRECTdEY—-1920. 49 Southampton Piscatorial Society, 26 High street; F. Bishop, hon. sec Southampton, Portsmouth & South Hants Commercial Travellers' Association (South ampton d [...]
Full text:[...] 8T#EE# DISECTORY^1920. ^3 I 37 IfouJig-Mrg 38 Flood David 39 Flood William Geo. slater 40 Batchelor Alfred John 41 Wilkihs George 42 Kinchenton Mrs 43 Wall bridge William 44 Bridle Henry x 45 Mears [...]
Full text:[...] t 4-* w*u—eoatinoad. 19 Row* D. greengrocer ao Yiller John, fried fish shop 31 Jarvis John, photographer aa Anderson & West, grocers 33 NorthoverJn.dining rooms ik f.'/iion st........ - [...]
Full text:[...] 84 Taylor-George Wm. pliiibr 86 Abbott Keith 88 Wilson George Albert go Bland.Miss 92 Whitcher Henry Charles 94 Stockdale Miss(Boiifne vil) 96 GubbinsMrs 98 Wildman Alfred A 100 Parsons Arthur Edward [...]
Full text:[...] ; 1 ¥ i/' ior92 ORG - Orchard lane—continued. 50 Clark Arthur B. hair drssr is Union st......... 51 Crabb A. EL baker 52 Woodcock Wm.fishmonger crq.-qj, & « Smith William, firewood dea [...]
Full text:[...]  B S t evGnsonHerb ert (JE5 ee ehfield) Collet Jas. F. H. (Lansdowne) Stanton Mrs. (Newlands) Lord Thomas Medley (Clare-mont) Remsberry cottages. See Warren aventje. Richmond gardens, from g Shaftes [...]
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