Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] V, NUIGHBOtTRHOOD OP SOUTHAMPTON—1920. E?S Limifed' ™7man, bishopstoke. 573 Telephone Exchange ^oTavenui011^' Sb°^l™' Lords- BISHOPSTOKE WOrMng M6,1'S CIab &Eeadi"S R°"m ■ H .LfJ°n®s are lords of the [...]
Full text:[...]  if':' !(h ' I i f 11; i 6 I! b 146 Hlli Hill lane—continued. 35 Maber Harry Orlando 37 Lloyd Mrs. M. A Knight Amos (lodge of Springhill court) 63 Calderon Senor Don Luis .here is Milton rd. 95 Pitc [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH. NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON—-1920.. Winchester road—con. 6 Farmer P. J. blacksmith 8 Paine Edwin xo Eades James 12 May Thomas Wall Letter Box Wheeler H. Son & Coombs, timber merchants Wa [...]
Full text:[...] street directory—1920. JLTiF 61 , ' a f ? Aldermoor, Shirley. Sinkins Mrs. (Aldermoor ho) Gray William Adlam Edwin Cundick John, insurance agt Taylor Charles Grayer Mrs Hecht Ernest Henry, farmer [...]
Full text:[...] I w II &r o Tebbs Basil Nelson m.a., m.d. phy.«ican & surgeon 41 Edwards James William 42 Payne Rev. RichardErnest (St. Barnabas vicarage) 43 Arnold William (Rosenheim) 44 Foott George Henry m.d Admi [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY—1920. HID '45 io Willett W - is Nile rd......... Field R. A. & Sons, shopkpi's. . (Alpha) ;ifann Ernest (Airedale) Day William John (Pencoyd) Gwendoline villas : Wise F [...]
Full text:[...]  ; j ' i I 4 Beer Joseph Preston (Grahamlea) 6 Ferrari Louis 8 Moody Charles (South-bourne) / io Lucas Edmund Hoi worthy (Dene lodge) 12 Clark -Arthur Henry 14 Beach Mrs ; 16 Taylor Edmund (The Laure [...]
Full text:[...] .1 8 37 Alford Leonard Charles f.s.a.m. certificated art master, & head master of Southampton Sehoo of Arts & Crafts, West Marlands 39 Neale Mrs J ...... here is Bourne rd . 41 Birch Frederick 43 Bal [...]
Full text:[...]  r k; f |l iff xgo OA1C Qafelrurst road, from The Common to Highfield lane. 1 Fletcher Henry Vickers Turner (Oakhurst cot) 2 Attwood Capt. John 3 FullerChas.Smi. (Lomond) 4 Hallum Gordon de Jersey 5 [...]
Full text:[...] 222 SAX SOUTHAMPTON \ % ill St. Denys' road—continued is Adelaide rd ... .. 67 Soper Frank, draper 69 Mar bin. William, fruiterer 71 Fripp James, boot maker 73 Newman John 75 Fiford Frank [...]
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