Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] terrace; John W. Colborne, sec Kell Literary Society, Unitarian Church; thursdays 8 p.m. (Oct. to March inclusive; ; Ivan Duncan, hon. sec King's Theatre & Cinema, Kingsland square, South front; F. S. [...]
Full text:[...] \. 86 v sotri'aiiigfOH ro Westcott George 11 White Charles 12 Atherley Ernest 13 Lavars Harry 14 Merritt George 5 Miles Henry William Brookvale road—con. Jeffreys Walter Marmaduke m.b., b.c. physi [...]
Full text:[...] FKB southampton Pi li i / f:' 1 . % f' * h/ i IK} n Four Posts hill,—continued., 13 Hallett George, carman south side. 15 Williams John here is Station rd ...... is Lyon si ...... 17 [...]
Full text:[...] commercial directorst—1920. FAKT 503 Ellis Francis Hamilton b.a., m.b., b.c.camb., m.b.c.s., ii.e.c.p.Lond. physician & surgeon, Cleveland, 25 Ems worth rd. Shirley Ellis Frederick, tailor, 108 Clove [...]
Full text:[...] classified trades directory—1920. Tim Teachers of Shorthand & Typewriting. DE BEAR SCHOOLS LIMITED (THE), 30 Portland street. Telephone No, 1821 Remington Typewriter Co. 31 High street Travis John St [...]
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