Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] V neighbourhood of southampton—1920. netley abbey. 667 Cambridge. Tb
Full text:[...] 662 itches', etc. neighbourhood of southampton—-1920 Independent Order of Good Templars, " Dawn of Liberty" lodge, Primitive Methodist hall, tuesdays at 8 p.m Railway Station (S. W. Railway), Albert [...]
Full text:[...]  56o ITCHEN', ETC. NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTH AMPTON- -1920. I 8 f ITCHEN" COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY Barrett William, boot maker, 4 Mortimer rd Bartlett R. A. printer, 49 Oak Bank road Bartley Fredk. Jas. ha [...]
Full text:[...]  EfEIGHi -OURErOOD of Southampton—1920. . Bryan William, 10 Garton road Buckingham Mrs. 19 Vicarage road Bucksey George, 30 Garton road Baffin Charles James, 163 Ludlow road Buley John, 10 Oak Bank r [...]
Full text:[...] NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON—1920. ITCHEN, ETC. 647 97 Nelson Charles 99 Rennie James 101 Hatchard George 103 Barnett Thomas -105 Curtiss Sidney 107 Bromley Frederick Hugh 109 Dominy Frederick Jos [...]
Full text:[...] 646 itchen, etc. neighbourhood oj? southampton—1920. ( Manor road—continued. i20 Read Frederick 122 Wheeler George 124 Cooper William, shopkpr 1..... here is Peveril rd ...... 126 Wheeler Charles, gr [...]
Full text:[...] Dyer John Robert., insur ance agent (Sannyside) TraversEdwd. (Garten ho) i Ember George 3 Crouch William 5 Bond Alfred ....... here is A veime rd ....... 5a, Thomson Arthur 7 Foxlee Mrs. (Rushden) 9 [...]
Full text:[...]  6 Odey Mrs 8 Warnock Alexander to A!forcl Mrs 12 Harland George 14 Diaper Robert in l-'lhtt Frink 18 Hamer Mrs zo Pickford Mrs 22 Archer Herbert Edward 24 Bell James George 26 Mitchell Archibald 28 [...]
Full text:[...] I R;i ■liil?: 642 itcken, etc. neighbourhood of sou1 i-tampton—1920. |!' I' V I ! : t . < High street—continued. 121 Maxwell Patrick 123 Woodhouse Wm. Edward 125 Newman John 127 Davis Gustavus 129 [...]
Full text:[...] neighbourhood of southampton—1920. SO'TOD and FETLBY ABBEY. Hound is a. parish, comprising the villages of Netley Abbey, Old Netley and Buttocks Heath, on the banks of Southampton Water, with a stati [...]