Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] classified trades directory—1920. SGC 799 British Seafarers' Union (Arthur Cannon, sec.), 8; Terminus terrace & Unity chambers, Latimer street Charity Organization Society (Miss F. Armstrong, sec.; S [...]
Full text:[...] 3oq SOL and n-eigapouahood; ;i n ; '• t ,1 7! ' u| i i i I ... Societies & Associations—continued^.. Shipping Federation Limited (V. Harper, sec.), 24 Canute road Society for the Propagation of the [...]
Full text:[...]  Southampton OFFICIAL DiRECTdEY—-1920. 49 Southampton Piscatorial Society, 26 High street; F. Bishop, hon. sec Southampton, Portsmouth & South Hants Commercial Travellers' Association (South ampton d [...]
Full text:[...] 38 SOUTHAMPTON OFFICIAL DIRECTORY—1920. t 11 1 . S n 5 .1 ff L1 I' '•II y Wilton road, Shirley ; G. C. Kelly, master ; Miss Hooper, mistress; Mrs. Vane, i!| infants' mistress York Buildings, for 620 [...]
Full text:[...] STREET iOIRECTORY—1920. sie 139 26 & 27 Star hotel (A. Cornish Trestrail, manager) 26 & 27 Southampton Piscatorial Society (F. Bishop, hon. sec) 26 & 27 Southampton, Portsmouth & South Hants Commerci [...]
Full text:[...]  commercial directory—1920 Wright Edward, apartments, 29 Bugle st Wright Hy. fly proprietor, 84 Cambridge rd Wright Miss, stationer, & post office, 17 Onslow road Wright Mrs. dining rooms, 41 Market [...]
Full text:[...] southampton official directory—1920. 39 Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society, T. Kenyon, manager, Junction chambers, 194A, Above Bar street Mayoress Huts' Committee, 30 Carlton crescent ; Mrs. W [...]
Full text:[...]  so uth ampton official di&ectoby-—1920. 47 Church Lads' Brigade (Shirley Company) ; head quarters, Stratton road, Shirley Cinema Hall, Park street, Shirley Co-operative Catering Club, i Palladium [...]
Full text:[...] vs r ii 54 ABO southampton' street directory—1920. . ''I! ? & 4 i'l11' in r T- 4';' Above Bar street—con. 28 Bagnell Mrs. Amelia R. ladies'hair dresser Pillar Letter Box Sunday School Watts Memoria [...]
Full text:[...] T if ■I i"! i i - / !■ i / . I I' hi 92 CAR-"-' CAR I/TON CRK8CHNT—con. 15 PowerAlfd.Wmx.R.e.p.i., L.r.c.s.i. physn. &surgn west side. 16 Archer Miss 17 Skerry's Training College (Frederick Bungay,pr [...]
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