Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] Henry 16 Picknell Ernest Brewery Bar, Daniel Burchell, jun Bitterne road, Bitterne pk. from Railway bridge to Lances hill. north side. ... here is Macnaghten rd ... ...... here is Bullar rd [...]
Full text:[...] n: 49 Taylor William Thomas 47 Godwin-Horace James 45 Dyer Ernest Edward 41 Dear Jesse on Bradford James 07 Arnold William 35 Corbin William George 33 Breaker Fred 31 Pearson George 29 Watts Thomas E [...]
Full text:[...] .( ......... here is King st .... 7 Taylor William 8 Hollo way George . 9 Mullins Harry 10 Dalton William 11 Gooding William 12 Winter Mrs 13 Tiller George Thomas 14 Doncon Percy 15 Biles Mrs 16 Henn [...]
Full text:[...] J: 53 Thome Mrs. Geo. midwife 55 Stevens James Alexander 57 Haddon James 59 Barnes Edwin Samuel 6i Neale E. S 63 Barnes Sam, baker is Milner st....... 65 Black Horse f.h. Arthur Cleopas [...]
Full text:[...] Fred 135 Lucas Frederick George 137 Weston William 139 Snelgrove Frank Clarke's lane, Millbrook, from West end of Millbrook road. Heath George, market grdnr Clausentum road, Bevois town, from 25 [...]
Full text:[...] Bertram 44 Sherriff James 4t) Mallett Albert 48 Warner Arthur Clausentum road, Bitterne park, from Chafen road to Englefield road. south side. Moger Mrs. (Alma) Thatcher Wm.Jn.(Inkerman) Spencer [...]
Full text:[...] Albert John 31 Adams Charles 32 White Henry Cook's buildings. See Oxford street. Goombs court-from King st. Copsewood road, - Bitterne park, from Castle road. Browne W. Aloysius (The [...]
Full text:[...] Sonley George Herfry 270 Caddy George Devonia villas. See Kingston road. Devonshire road, from Wilton aven. to Polygon rd. west side. 2 Day Gilbert 4 Stone Edward Read f.a.i 6 Harris James [...]
Full text:[...] Richard, shopkpr 3 Green Orlando 4-Gearey William 5 Jar vis Mrs 6 Herridge Mrs Duke's road, from Bevois Valley road to Priory road. south side. 1 Gover William, shopkeepr 2 Geddes John [...]
Full text:[...] Ernest 156 Warren George Edward 158 Cole Thomas 160 Cooper William James Dundee - road, St. Denys, from St. Denys road to North road. west side. St. Denys Council School 1 Harrison Edward 3 Adams Albert [...]
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