Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood. Second Editiion
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Full text:[...] TRADES DIRECTOR?. 40I Warren Edward, 11 & 27 Northam road Warren Edward, 18\ St. Mark's road COACH PAINTERS. Courtney Fred, 42 Chandos street Freeborne William,3o Lower Bannister street Harwood Richa [...]
Full text:[...] TitADES MEECTO'Rt. 4" Parker Thomas, Weston Parker William, Ivy cottage, Weston Payne Thomas, Totton Woolgar Charles, 2 Eva cottages, Westfield road, Waterford, Lymington fishing tackle dealers. Cox [...]
Full text:[...] 4*4 Gasfitteh9—continued. Croucher Benjamin, 6 Pardey ter. Buckland road, Lymington Drvsdall Edward William, 16 Clifford street: Frost Thos. St.Mary's st.& 12 St. Andrew's rd Fry John, Vincent's Walk [...]
Full text:[...] southampton and neighbourhood 416 Grockrs k T*A Dkalbrs—continued. tMitchell Wm. R. 1 St. Mary's st.; 49 East St.; 2 Northam rd. & Adelaide rd.St. Deny's Moody Mrs. Ann, Chandler's ford Moore George, [...]
Full text:[...] DIRECTORY. 4*7 Carpentefr Charles, iai Sigh St. Lymington Coe Alfred, 16 West street Coles George, 54 St. Mary's street Collins Charles, 35 Canal walk Complin Harry William, 21 Bevois Valley rd Cosie [...]
Full text:[...] 4*4 Southampton AND KdieaiibomfooD Mabkit Gardeners—continued. Holloway John, Millbrook Howell Alfred, i North road, St. Deny's Hurst Obadiah, Maybush, Old Shirley,Shirley Hurst Robert, Millbrook Ind [...]
Full text:[...] 4*4 SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Millinkhs Jc Dbbss Makers—continued. Reeves Mrs. Susan, Medbridge Roberts Misses, 10 Mount place Roots Miss Celia, 77 Above Bar street Rycroft L. D. & G. 41 Above Ba [...]
Full text:[...] GRADES dieectoby. 429 King John, 6 New road *Laishley Charles Alexander, Bisbopstoke Lebern Harry Edwin, 2 Cedar road, Bevois town LeRoy William, 42 St. Thomas street, Ly- mington Lockyer James, 30 V [...]
Full text:[...] 430 southampton and neighbourhood Pawnbrokers—continued. White & Son, 19 Above Bar street Winter Alonzo, 32 Bernard street PERFUMERS. See Hair Dressers. PHOTOGRAPHERS. Adams & Scanlan, 32 High st. Se [...]
Full text:[...] 440 southampton and neighbourhood Schools—Private—continued. tJGarrish Miss Jemima ll.a. (& day), New ' Prospect house, Lower Prospect place flGoddard Miss Kate,The Hundred,Romsey tlGubb Mrs. Anna, 7 [...]
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