Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood. Second Editiion
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Full text:[...] W3« SOUTH AM WON' and MllUUUOUliUOUU Lyon John, insurance agent, West end Mabb Robt. C. master mariner, 47 Padwellrd Mabbett Edwin, engineer, 34 Bevois Valley rd Maber & Parker, wine merchants, 56 Hi [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Mitchell George Frederick,plumber & painter, i Anelesea road, Shirley Mitchell Henry, blacksmith, West end Mitchell George Hy. manager to the Cabana cigar stores, 28 Bel [...]
Full text:[...] 968 SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOHRHOOD Wolfs George, jun. boot ma. Lyndhurst S O Wolff James Henry, " Times" correspondent, ii Oriental place WolffS.W. flag manufacturer, 75 & 76 High st Wood k Co. coal m [...]
Full text:[...] NEIGHBOURHOOD. OF SOUTHAMPTON. 341 ICILXJUtOOX. Hurst Robert, market gardener Jay John Thomas, baker & grocer, Maybush Jewell Frederick Henry, Royal Mail f.h Joy Thankful, market gardener Linch John, [...]
Full text:[...] aaiaaawaaooB oe Edits**. 347 character : the western end (probably an addition) is regarded as a fair specimen of the Early English: there are three stained windows inserted in the western lancets to [...]
Full text:[...] 3ja MOMMY, NEIQUDOUBHOOD OP SOUTHAMPTON. Une ChOTlw Nicholas, Market place Llniee Robert George J.p. Jermyns_ Low Her. Albert t.a.k.c.l. [cbaplain to the union & curate-in-charge of Lee & Kidgej, Mil [...]
Full text:[...] shibley commercial derectobt. 367 Children's Hospital & Dispensary for Women (W. C. Maclean c.b., m.d. consulting physician 1 T. Longmore c.b.j f»e.c.s. consult* ing surgeon ; C. G. Beaumont m.d. & E [...]
Full text:[...] neighbourhood of southampton. WOOLSTOX. 375 WESTON is a tithing and ecclesiastical parish, formed in 1866 from the civil parish of St Mary Extra, o.\ miles south-east from Southampton and 1 mile sout [...]
Full text:[...]  m#6 mtnw. neighbourhood op southampton. South Eling;Langl«t,Ix)fekwoob,March- wood, Rotcbhidgic, Tatchbubt, Great and Littli Tistwood, Wads and Wigley Chris: they are all ranged round the western he [...]
Full text:[...] m NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON. NORTH EL1N0. 289 Tusler James Albert, railway porter Viant Henry L.n.c.p.Edin, physician & medical officer- & public vaccinator, No. i district, New Forest union & cer [...]
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