Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood. Second Editiion
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Full text:[...] cottage) Wheeler Henry, plasterer (Denton cottage) Weaver George(Woodine cot) England Mrs. (Review cot) Eagle John, ship steward (2 Tugwell cottage) Paul Mrs. (Ebenezer cottage) Primitive [...]
Full text:[...] no southampton street directory. Stanford street—con. 4 YoungHiram,dock labourr is Melbourne st....... 5 Marlow Alfred, labourer 6 Aldous George 7 Ireland John, labourer 9 Hockaday Geo. la [...]
Full text:[...] maker, The Hundred, Romsey Chubbs George, farmer, Newbridge Christian Knowledge Society Depfit (Rev. J. A. Whitlock m,a. treasurer; Rev. T. L.O. Davios m a, sec.), 6 Portland street Church John, [...]
Full text:[...] southampton and neighbourhood 330 Houston Alex.mast, marnr.18 Weymouth ter Howard A, C. scale maker (back of the Bunal ground), Uppor Back-of-The-W alls & o Vincent's walk Howard Charlotte (Mrs.), lo [...]
Full text:[...] draper,43 Highst.Lymmgton Stocker James, nurseryman, Belmont road, Ports wood Stokes Henry, inland revenue officer, 29 ot. Thomas street, Lymington Stokes llichd. beer retlr. 1 Lower Canal walk Stone [...]
Full text:[...] of southampton. 97> WUULIIU. Beaulieu. Ellis Rev. Henry Maitland m.A. [curate] Gardiner Mrs Marshall William Beauchamp, Whitehall Montagu Lord [...]
Full text:[...] Lymington by the Boldre or Lymington water. Here was an endowed school, which was founded by the Rev. William Gilpin (a former vicar), for the education and clothing of 20 boys and 20 girls, being [...]
Full text:[...] 1(8 »LDf«. ' IrtlGHBOtJBHOOlD Off SOUTftAttPl'OK. Alien William, district surveyor, registrar of marriages & sanitary inspector Andrews Alfred* timber, bark & coal mer Andrews John, timber & coal mer [...]
Full text:[...] gross yearly value from tithe rent-charge ^250, net j£i8g, in the gift of the trustees of the Rev. W. J. G. Phillips, and held by the Rev. Alfred Montague Walker m.a. of Trinity College, Dublin. [...]
Full text:[...] NEHiHJIOClIliOOll Ob" SOUTHAMPTON", I.YSIINGTON. 319 erected April, 1S85, in St. Thomas street, by the widow of the late W. W. Rooke esq. of Woodside. Tlie Solent sea-water baths are situate in Bath [...]
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