Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood. Second Editiion
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Full text:[...] PRIVATB SMItttKTI. *S9 Parker George, a St. Mark's road Parker James, 30 Richmond street Parker Miss, 40 Nortlibrook road Parker Miss, 18 Park road Parker Mrs. Florinda cottage, Weston Parker Mrs. 3 [...]
Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. 239 Palmer Heber Johu Lacey, general shop, 10 Radcliffe road Palmer John, boot maker, 117 Bevois street Palmer John,farmer,Bouverie farm,Beaulien PalmerJn.sawyer,37 Wellington r [...]
Full text:[...] io kelly's directory of Southampton. Parish Clerks :— St. James', J. Bessant (sexton), 24 Winchester street. St. Mary, H„ Bromley, 13 St. Mary's st. St. Michael, Mrs. Ann Parker (sextoness). ^ St. Ma [...]
Full text:[...] 36 southampton street directory. f 'I Albion place—continued. 4 Mee Harry, public account ant & audilor 4 Hodgson Arthur Marriott, steward to Chamber layne estate 5 Mum ford Alfred 6 Foster Walter 7 [...]
Full text:[...] I w l!:l' 46 SOUTHAMPTON STEBET DIBKCTOET. Il Bevois Valley road—con. 43 Harrington Charles 45 Billett Alfred is Valley road....... 47 Lampard James Turner, baker 49 Browning Fredk. fly [...]
Full text:[...] 52 southampton street directory. Canute road—continued. 5 Dawson Bros.shipping agts 5 Orient Steam Navigation Co. Limited (Dawson Brothers, agents) 6 Harper George Thomas, ship broker 6 Harper G. T. [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON STttEET DIHECTQUY. 57 60 Curtis Frederick 62 Gray James 68 Harbord Ernest Joseph 70 Messer George B 72 Bridle Frederick Charles 74 James Mrs 76 Woodford George 78 Sandy Thomas, chiropodis [...]
Full text:[...] southampton street directory. 6l 35 Riggs Joseph, fishmonger 36 Bull Edward 37 Vincent Frederick 38 Brinsden Mrs 39 Painter Frederick 40 Hayes Benjamin is Golden grove....... Cumberland te [...]
Full text:[...] 73 southampton street director?, High street—continued. 14 Crown hotel, Henry Wm. Stratton 17 Shalders Frank, furnishing ironmonger 18 Miller & Son, tailors & hosiers 19 Collier John Bruce, watch mak [...]
Full text:[...] southampton stbeet directory. Park terrace. See Duke's road. 95 Park St. view, Strand to George's place. 1 Humphery Miss Nellie, ladies' school 2 Hill Charles, trav. draper 3 Rossiter James Thomas 5 [...]
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