Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood. Second Editiion
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Full text:[...] 303 freemantle street directory. Waverlky boad—con. 11 Hay ward Thomas, mariner 13 Shard George, carpenter 21 Cornelius David E 33 Pitman Mrs 29 Burton John, mariner is Lodge rd........ [...]
Full text:[...] FKEEMANTLE PRIVATE RESIDENTS. 3°S King Michael, Swiss villa, Foundry lane Xing Mrs. 77 Wellington road rung William, 35 Sir George's road Kink cad Edward, 1 Waterloo road Kinsey William, 77 Payne's r [...]
Full text:[...]  NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON. National School, built in 1863, enlarged inl 1871, & again in 1885, for 175 children; | Colter Mrs. Netley Firs Foord Thomas H. Botleigh grange Fowler John, Netley hill [...]
Full text:[...] MP) NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON*. I/SltlNGTOlf. 317 British Yacht Club, Winterton Hall (Ernest James, secretary) Burgess Charles, pier toll collector Carpenter Fanny (Mrs.), apartments Cole Charles, [...]
Full text:[...] 3*9 lyminqton street directory.. LYMINGTON STREET DIRECTORY. Ampresg. Water Works (Arthur Hughes, manager) Springer John, farmer (Ampress farm) Ashley lane, High street, from High at. to The Grove. H [...]
Full text:[...] 3*# WMtfleld ro*d, Waterford, from Stanley Brookrd. wist side. Rogers William Hood Mrs. Elizabeth Carter Captain David John, mariner (Vera cottage) Webster Edward (Rosedale) Trifkett Charles, m [...]
Full text:[...] IiYMINGTON COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. SSI Bennett Harriet (Mrs.), pork butcher, 115 High street Betts Benjamin, principal coast officer of customs, Ella cottage, Bath road . Uevan William Rees,lodging hou [...]
Full text:[...] 338 I/VNDHUSST. KE1G HBOtTRHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON. Dunbfvr Duff Garden, Haskell's Kgorton George E. The Costards Emms John, Queen's road Everett William, Allnm green Gilbert William, Wistaria cottage Go [...]
Full text:[...] wm 3*4 SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD BAltS&s—continued. Higgs Brothers, Rumbridge street, Totton Hobby Harry, 25 St. Thomas st. Lymington Hooper Arthur, Hamble-Ie-Rice Hopcroft George, 44 Church stre [...]
Full text:[...] TKADKS DlBfiCTOfe?. 387 Liohtfoot Stephen, Totton . jjgle Frederick Richd.aMiddle st.Bevois town Living Benjamin, 1 Garibaldi terrace Living Frank, 86 High street Lock Albert, 119 St. Mary's street L [...]
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