Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood. Second Editiion
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Full text:[...] 303 freemantle street directory. Waverlky boad—con. 11 Hay ward Thomas, mariner 13 Shard George, carpenter 21 Cornelius David E 33 Pitman Mrs 29 Burton John, mariner is Lodge rd........ [...]
Full text:[...] 300 Shiblky road—continued. 98 Oaborne hotel, Wm, Blake 30 Holt John, builder 33 Dean Mrs 34 Ryder Charles (Summerly house) is Waterloo rd...... 36 Martcll Walter 38 Perkins Richard H. jun [...]
Full text:[...] l-kkkm.vvn.k .S'l'KKK'l' IUick<*l\»ltY. -v.; 70 Maker Win.Edwd. shopkpr Church of England Mission Room Kimber Herbert James, ■wheat hull dealer 13 Earl William, coal dealer Mission Hall Schottlaender [...]
Full text:[...] neighbourhood of southampton. Wharton C. B. Hounsdown Wingrove Mrs. Hounsdown commercial. Batten Charles, Stag inn & shopkeeper, & post office, Hounsdown Bedford Adolphus, schoolmaster, Colbury Blund [...]
Full text:[...] neighbourhood of southampton*. BI9H0PST0KX. 973 picture of the " Roman Forum," by Signor uahndt, a Florentine mosaic cabinet of alabaster by Andrioni of Pisa, and pictures by Eneble, Anthony Sasso, a [...]
Full text:[...] NEIGHBOUBHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON. farmer, Station Midlands 374 SOUTH BTOHBHAM. Sheppard John Freeman, road, Swathling West End. private residents. Andrews Capt. Charles William, Baker J. R. St, Barbe, Th [...]
Full text:[...] @68 SHIRLEY COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. Hu-Ob.di.h, market Maytah, 11PSS1BIis BESgMEB f^mhn o& Tamp^' road Station road Knight Henry, carpenter, Shirley Park road Poynter & Son, agentg for sewing, machines [...]
Full text:[...] f jrttt street, Church street to Station road, i Richards Hy. carpenter is Station rd........ a Collins John (Alpha cot) 20 Penny Stph. H. bricklayer Xiordswood. Wiseman Samuel . James [...]
Full text:[...] 346 R&Msit; NEIGHBOURHOOD OP SOUTHAMPTON HB his dominions. With reference to Romsey, according to Stowe, the abbey was solemnly « confirmed by King Edgar, m the presence of all the nobilitie, on Chri [...]
Full text:[...] mm 939 southampton and neighbourhood MustersThomas,blacksmith, BrockenhurstS. 0 Masters Walter, mariner, 1 Pardey terrace, Buekland road, Lymington MastersWm. Hy.stage carpenter, 9 Sussex ter Matchar [...]
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