Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood. Second Editiion
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Full text:[...] PHIVATH HMSJDKNTS. I St hegg James, 37 Pad well road Legg Mrs. 5 Brinton's road Lcgg Thomas, 3 Ware's ter. Radcliffo road Lcggatt Edward C. 1 Atheling villas, Hythe , Lcgge George H. 78 Buchan tor. B [...]
Full text:[...] P* IVATI RMIDlMTi* >53 McGartb Milt, 39 St. Thomas it. Lyraington McGrath Thomas, 3 Brighton road MacG wire Mrs. 13 Carlton road MeHargWilliatn Wallace, 14 Albert rd, Hill la My I liven Samuel, Almei [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATB RMSINT81 155 Mercer George Yeatea, Hillfield, Basaett, North Stoneham Merck Charles, Hillstron, Bitterne Meredith Mrs. 29 East Park terrace Meridith Charles, 160 Derby road Merrells Capt. Tho [...]
Full text:[...] ij* SOUTHAMPTON AMD NIIQHBOUKHOOD Montgomery Wm. Sonny side, 0: Moody Frederick, 34 Richmond Oxford avenue street Moody Lather Berry, 3 Union road Moody Mark, 49 Radcfiffe road Moody Mrs 133 Millbroo [...]
Full text:[...] fiuvatr HKSIDRNTS. *S7 Xaylor Jas.Alfd. 128 Avenue rd.Bevoii mount Neal Mrs. 8 West Marland terrace Seale Alfred, 54 Derby road Seaman Arthur George, 150 Derby road Neaman John, 152 Derby road Neary [...]
Full text:[...] >5® sou nunrrojr and nwghbouhhood Noyce Charles Barrett, 13 Northam road Noyce George, 35 Bevois place, Bevois town Noyce George, 106 St Mary's road Noyce Richard, 39 Union road Noyce Samuel George, [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS, i6t Pinkney Thomas Anthony, 14 Avenue road, Bevois mount Pinnock Francis, 31 St. Andrew's road Pinsent Henry John, 4 Portswood park Piper Henry James, Cliffside, 3a Cliff road Pitc [...]
Full text:[...] :6a tOOTXAXFTOH AND NIXQHBOUfiHOOD Price Willfcm, ioa Avenue rd. Bevois mount Pridde William, 59 Payne's road, Freeraantle Priddle Mrs. 27 Shirley road, Freemantle Prince Henry, Auckland villa, Emswo [...]
Full text:[...] PRIYA-rt! RESIDENTS, Boss Thomas, Ivy Clad cottage, Church road. Highfield Rossiter James Thomas, 3 Park view Rotton Mrs.Kelston, Regent's park, Millbroolt Rouse Miss, Bitterne Row Edwin Henry, 1 Cli [...]
Full text:[...] (66 southampton and neighbourhood Sawyer Robert, 31 Richmond rd. Freemantle Sayer Mrs. The Polygon dayer* Cecil,Manor house,Chilworth,Romsey Scammell George Henry, 23 Union road Scanlan William, 33 A [...]
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