Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood. Second Editiion
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Full text:[...] m neighbourhood of southampton'. BOTXtET is a parish, sfftall- market town and junction station on the London and South Western railway, in the Southern division of the county, hundred of Manfcbridge [...]
Full text:[...] »fe KTTUT. K1WBBOUHHOOD Of SOUTHAMPTON. hewrv Alfred John, batcher JsmM| mill*. (M> & S£^|S^»errt d»»r §Kkvr water) & maltsters Coffee Tavern (Miss Mary Knight, managrss) Coleman Richard Smith, Dolph [...]
Full text:[...] 984 Dl*D*N. neighbourhood of southampton. Richmond William, farm bailiff to W. Gas coigne Roy esq Stride Alfred, farmer, Pink's farm Stubbs Charles, farmer, Church farm EAST BOIiDRE, see Boldke Stubb [...]
Full text:[...] mm Neighbourhood op Southampton*. fawley. 91 entrance belonged, is said to hare been one of the four churches in existence when the New Forest was made; the present structure was repaired in 1840 and [...]
Full text:[...]  NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON. National School, built in 1863, enlarged inl 1871, & again in 1885, for 175 children; | Colter Mrs. Netley Firs Foord Thomas H. Botleigh grange Fowler John, Netley hill [...]
Full text:[...] 3ld BtTM. NBlGHfidufcHOOI) OE* SOUTHAAlfcTON. has now in course Of construction floating and dry docks, to be completed in 1888, at an estimated cost of about .£30,000. The Oddfellows' Hall, situated [...]
Full text:[...] MP) NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON*. I/SltlNGTOlf. 317 British Yacht Club, Winterton Hall (Ernest James, secretary) Burgess Charles, pier toll collector Carpenter Fanny (Mrs.), apartments Cole Charles, [...]
Full text:[...] neighbourhood of southampton. 336 DOOXBVJWT. LY2FDHXTBST is a town and parish, pleasantly lituated in the centre of the New Forest, 100 miles from London, 2J southwest from Lyndhurst Road station, 10 [...]
Full text:[...] ij* SOUTHAMPTON AMD NIIQHBOUKHOOD Montgomery Wm. Sonny side, 0: Moody Frederick, 34 Richmond Oxford avenue street Moody Lather Berry, 3 Union road Moody Mark, 49 Radcfiffe road Moody Mrs 133 Millbroo [...]
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