Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood. Second Editiion
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Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON. Southampton is a seaport, parliamentary and municipal borough, union, and market town, seat of a county court, district registry of the High Court of Justice and head of a rural deanery, [...]
Full text:[...] kelly's directory of Southampton. ^4,000 more being required to complete the tower and spire. At Easter, 1885, a new reredos by Earp and Son was erected at a cost of j£6oo. There are 1,114 sittings, [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY, 59 29 Stevens Edwin 31 Jeney William 33 Smith Henry Clarke 35 Robinson John Haddock 37 Silverlock George 43 Tanner George 45 Judd Richard 49 Bath Stephen, builder 51 Ilo [...]
Full text:[...] southampton street directory. 97 5yin6s Richwd m.r.c. s. (Lauriston) Folloitt Eugene (Rose mount) Matthews John A. (Fairleigh) punkin Miss Oxley Thomas m.d. (Wellington villa) Longman Misses (St. Le [...]
Full text:[...] ID2* sodthamptok street directory. Radcliffe road—continued. 60 Burcher Miss Edith, dress maker 61 Hurst William 62 Gover William Ransom's terrace. See Albert st. (Chapel). Haven road, Newtown, Raven [...]
Full text:[...] PHIVATH HMSJDKNTS. I St hegg James, 37 Pad well road Legg Mrs. 5 Brinton's road Lcgg Thomas, 3 Ware's ter. Radcliffo road Lcggatt Edward C. 1 Atheling villas, Hythe , Lcgge George H. 78 Buchan tor. B [...]
Full text:[...] IS* fOUTXAMTTOM AND NVIOnOVBHOOD Loofmore Snrg.-Gtn. Sir Thomas c m. The Paddock, Obelisk ro*d, WooUton Loogster Thomas James, 33 Lodge road, Bevois mount Leoeemore Thomas, 10 Compton walk Lord John [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATB RMSINT81 155 Mercer George Yeatea, Hillfield, Basaett, North Stoneham Merck Charles, Hillstron, Bitterne Meredith Mrs. 29 East Park terrace Meridith Charles, 160 Derby road Merrells Capt. Tho [...]
Full text:[...] ij* SOUTHAMPTON AMD NIIQHBOUKHOOD Montgomery Wm. Sonny side, 0: Moody Frederick, 34 Richmond Oxford avenue street Moody Lather Berry, 3 Union road Moody Mark, 49 Radcfiffe road Moody Mrs 133 Millbroo [...]
Full text:[...] southampton and neighbourhood *9* Cole John Wuvoll, china & glass dealer, 15 St. Thomas' street, Lymington Cole Richard, french polisher, 4 Inverness terrace, Priory road, St. Deny'a Cole Thomas, bee [...]
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