Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood. Second Editiion
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Full text:[...] mm . NBIOHBOTJRHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON. K * Orders by Letter ob .Wire Promptly Executed. TELEPHONE No. 19. YACHTS SUPPLIED. m EDWARD LANHAM & SON A&f High Street; SOUTHAMPTON. I The First The Nearest The [...]
Full text:[...] neighbourhood op southampton. boldre. 277 owners are John Movant esq. J. P. Heseltine esq, David Jones esq. W. Ingram Whitaker esq. Mrs. Shrubb, James Knapton-Knapton esq. E. H. Pemberesq j.p.»q.c. a [...]
Full text:[...] NEHiHJIOClIliOOll Ob" SOUTHAMPTON", I.YSIINGTON. 319 erected April, 1S85, in St. Thomas street, by the widow of the late W. W. Rooke esq. of Woodside. Tlie Solent sea-water baths are situate in Bath [...]
Full text:[...] 358 sh11wky. neighbourhood or Southampton. Freemantle was established here by an Order Millbrook, and includes Lower Shirley,Upper and the Fitzhugh and Bannister Park estates. The population has incr [...]
Full text:[...] jy6 WOOLKOtf. nei6hb0ubh00d of southampton. The chief crop® are wheat, oats, barley and feetne. The area is 213 acres; the population in 1881 was 3,158. Parish Clerk, James Freemantle. Post, Monet Or [...]
Full text:[...] mm Neighbourhood op Southampton*. fawley. 91 entrance belonged, is said to hare been one of the four churches in existence when the New Forest was made; the present structure was repaired in 1840 and [...]
Full text:[...] 300 Shiblky road—continued. 98 Oaborne hotel, Wm, Blake 30 Holt John, builder 33 Dean Mrs 34 Ryder Charles (Summerly house) is Waterloo rd...... 36 Martcll Walter 38 Perkins Richard H. jun [...]
Full text:[...] NEIGHBOURHOOD OP SOUTHAMPTON. LYNtmtJRST. 337 Wall Letter Box, Goose Green, cleared at 9p.m Wall Letter Box, Bank, cleared at 7.15 p.m. week days only Vebderers of the New Forest (New Forest Act, 187 [...]
Full text:[...] 370 SHIRLEY. NBIQHBOTTBHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON, them since as a boys' school & transferred in 1887 to the original managers ### ■SSSS 1883 & enlarged in 1887 at a cost of about private residents. Barham [...]
Full text:[...] BANKING- AND ASSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS. B ESTABLISHED 1851; IRKBECK BANK. Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane. THREE per CENT. INTEREST allowed on DEPOSITS, repayable on demand. TWO per CENT. INTERES [...]
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