Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood. Second Editiion
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Full text:[...] kelly's directory of southampton', 3% V)MSE¥—From ' George,' Above Bar street IiirleY & Frebmantle—From the Floating Bridge at 12.15 p.m. & 5.*5 P-"» TbAMCARS. tars leave Portswood every 20 minutes f [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON STKKMT DltlOTOQY. 35 Albert road, Albert street to Royal crescent. 2 Royal Albert p.h. George Harris 4 Etheridge Geo. beer retailr 6 Ward Henry 8 Warner William jo Williams John 24 Sait J [...]
Full text:[...] K I :! 44 Bevois hill. See Bevois Valley road portswood road. southampton street directory. 3 4 5 6 Bevois place, Bevois town, Bevois Valley TheAvenue 1 Nichols John XV. furniture dealer 2 Wate [...]
Full text:[...] 76 southampton street directory. James street—continued. 68 Tatchell George 69 Alford George 70 Burgoyne Erwin 71 King Mrs 72 Smith Mrs 73 Wilson Alfred 74 Faracy Mrs 75 Stribling William 76 O'Farrel [...]
Full text:[...] 996 frekmantle street directory. MlIitBKOOK ROAD—COtl. 143 Whitfield Miss 145 Withers Mrs 147 Fleming James is Vttrna rd......... 149 Pocock Charles Thomas 151 Bettridge Benj. A. tailor [...]
Full text:[...] freemantle street directory. 207 21 Triggs Walter, seaman Starkey Walter Russell Nelson road, Fir Grove road to Foundry lane. i DawkinsThomas,carpenter 7 WilliamsGeo.dock labourer 9 Gigg George, stab [...]
Full text:[...] 38 southampton street directory. Archer's road—continued. Sharps Joseph Carter (Linden lodge) Sanders Henry Ingleton (St. Regulus) Brinton George (Sunnyside) Raymond Cuthbert (Ivelton) is Ba [...]
Full text:[...] 54 southampton steeet directory. Cedar road—continued. 76 Ward Henry, mariner 78 Duffner George, watch & clock maker 80 Smith William 82 Pescod William 84 Moyle Charles is Lodtje road.. [...]
Full text:[...] I 442 SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Shopkeepers—continued. Cook Charles, 2 Stoneham terrace, Market street, Eastleigh Cook Henry, 21 Marine parade Cook Robert, 2 Houndwell place Coombs Joseph, 37 Val [...]
Full text:[...] NEIGHBOUBHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON. farmer, Station Midlands 374 SOUTH BTOHBHAM. Sheppard John Freeman, road, Swathling West End. private residents. Andrews Capt. Charles William, Baker J. R. St, Barbe, Th [...]
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