Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood. Second Editiion
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Full text:[...] mm JIflXOPBTOIl. NEldHBOtTBHOOD OP SOUTHAMPTON. m Searle. Mrs. Mary Tonga George, Stoke lodge commercial. sSBSSSESL* Bayley Charles, Pyle Hill farm Bulpitt John, boot maker, Stoke common Cook Joseph, [...]
Full text:[...] neighbourhood of southampton. commanding very fine views. The Ecclesiastical Commissioners are lords of the manor. The principal landowners are W. S. Gillett esq. C. Fink esq. W. H. Richardson esq. m [...]
Full text:[...] vj6 aim»ir nbiqhbovrsood of Southampton . Wi e Robert, m HifU* TittV"*1, cabinet ma. Chapel street Hoakinson James, parish clerk HorneGeorge,farm bailiff to Hy. Seymour esq Jftckman Frederick, Commer [...]
Full text:[...] neighbourhood op southampton. boldre. 277 owners are John Movant esq. J. P. Heseltine esq, David Jones esq. W. Ingram Whitaker esq. Mrs. Shrubb, James Knapton-Knapton esq. E. H. Pemberesq j.p.»q.c. a [...]
Full text:[...] m neighbourhood of southampton'. BOTXtET is a parish, sfftall- market town and junction station on the London and South Western railway, in the Southern division of the county, hundred of Manfcbridge [...]
Full text:[...] »fe KTTUT. K1WBBOUHHOOD Of SOUTHAMPTON. hewrv Alfred John, batcher JsmM| mill*. (M> & S£^|S^»errt d»»r §Kkvr water) & maltsters Coffee Tavern (Miss Mary Knight, managrss) Coleman Richard Smith, Dolph [...]
Full text:[...] KBtato0ttea00l> Of SOthfHAlfPTtfX. January, 1869; it consists of parts of Rhine-field and Wilverley Walks, in the New Forest, which were extra-parochial prior to the passing of the New Forest Poor La [...]
Full text:[...] »t« VQKumoitt N*lGHB0ttmfl60D ot s6titaAMpTO^. • HuKOlSTOBP, half-mile south-west; MaiD' mfiOMKt formerly called Mantlb Heath, adjoins Bursledon; Lowford, where are bnck kilns, is three-quarters of a [...]
Full text:[...] NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON. charged upon Smith's close of land in this pariah, which is distributed at Easter and Christmas in bread. Manor House, is the residence of Cecil Bayers esq. The trustees [...]
Full text:[...] 984 Dl*D*N. neighbourhood of southampton. Richmond William, farm bailiff to W. Gas coigne Roy esq Stride Alfred, farmer, Pink's farm Stubbs Charles, farmer, Church farm EAST BOIiDRE, see Boldke Stubb [...]
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