Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood. Second Editiion
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Full text:[...] southampton street directory. 8l 9 Clift George 10 South Henry 11 Boyce Mrs T2 FramptonJohn,boot maker a3 Denbow Thomas 14 Piper William 15 Brazier Alfd 16 Rose Frank 17 Morgan Mrs 18 Shitler Thomas [...]
Full text:[...]  SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOUfiHOOD Bilby William, 48 Northam road Biles John, 128 Shirley road, Freemantle Biles Mrs. Hythe Billett Alfred, 45 Bevois Valley road Billctt Charles, 20 Park road, Bellevue [...]
Full text:[...] 128 southampton and neighbourhood Byrne John, 67 Avenue road, Bevois mount Caarten B. 42 Cranbury avenue Cable Edward, 121 Derby road Caddick David,1 Ashton vils.Oak rd. Woolston Caines Capt. Sydney [...]
Full text:[...] pbiva.te residents. Gravenor Mrs. Ivy bank,Bath rd.Lymington Gray Charles, 7 Richmond street Gray Charles, 46 Dover street, Bevois town Gray Frank, 32 Newbury terrace, Lower Buller street Gray Georg [...]
Full text:[...] IS® southampton and neighbourhood LaMon William, 15 Western terrace L#oey# William, 370 Derby road Lackerttecn Mrs. Bridge End cottage, Bold re, Lymington La Croix Madame,2 Bucklatid vils.Lymingtn La [...]
Full text:[...] >5® sou nunrrojr and nwghbouhhood Noyce Charles Barrett, 13 Northam road Noyce George, 35 Bevois place, Bevois town Noyce George, 106 St Mary's road Noyce Richard, 39 Union road Noyce Samuel George, [...]
Full text:[...] :6a tOOTXAXFTOH AND NIXQHBOUfiHOOD Price Willfcm, ioa Avenue rd. Bevois mount Pridde William, 59 Payne's road, Freeraantle Priddle Mrs. 27 Shirley road, Freemantle Prince Henry, Auckland villa, Emswo [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. South Mrs. 14 Cromwell road Southcliffe Mrs. 34 East Park terrace Southouse Rev. George Wrenford m.a. Depe- dene brow, Dibden Southon Samuel Jas. Xestleton, The Polygon Soverster E [...]
Full text:[...] PHIVATH UKSIDENTS. 171 Stubbs Mrs. 13 Oxford road, Shirley Stubbs William, 207 Northam road Studley Charles, 1 Prospect pi. Lymington Studley Mrs. 2 Spring cottages, Spring road, Waterford, Lymington [...]
Full text:[...] ij6 southampton and neighbourhood Wert Wm. % EllersliOf Park toad, Portswood Wostbrook Edward, Ashdown house, Fawley Weatbrook Mrs. Bay cottage, Fawley Westbrook Mrs. 6t Millbrook rd.FreemanUe Westco [...]
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