Volumes in the collection: Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood, including Romsey, Netley (Hound), Netley (Totton), Bitterne, Sholing, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, Woolstone, Shirley, Freemantle, Millbrook, Redbridge, and all villages within seven miles of Southampton
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Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY, 168 34 Wilkins Henry, labourer here is Queen's road. Garibaldi Terrace. 1 Living B. Garibaldi Arms 2 Living Benjamin, engineer 3 Wardner Frederick, painter 25 Thompson J [...]
Full text:[...] 166 SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY, 29 MtiBBcll Mrs. M. A. 30 Orchard Charles, hammerman 31 Vear George DUNDEE RD. (St. Denys), St. Denys road to North road. St. Denys Board Schools 1 Haysom Wm, labour [...]
Full text:[...] 168 SOUTHAMPTON 8TBEKT DIRECTORY. 59 Kenwin W. J. watchmaker and jeweller 60 A <11 Martin Mrs. H. bookseller and newsagent 62 Gauge Wm. boot manufacturer 63 Morris Francis, dining rooms 64 Taylor Joh [...]
Full text:[...] 170 SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY. EDWARD ST. Coleman iteeet. 1 Dugdale Elian, labourer 2 Leadbeater Jas. labourer 3 Moger Mrs. E. 4 Brown Geo. bootmaker 5 White ('has. labourer 6 Clinchie Geo. blacks [...]
Full text:[...] m SOUTHAMPTON ItUIT DUtXCTOSY. mmmmm 178 10 Harrison John, rigger 9 Broughten Thomas, joiner _ 8 Atkins John, seaman, Wim- borne cottage 7 Deal J. Wm. Woodford cottage 6 Rose A. foreman shipwright, G [...]
Full text:[...] mmm SOUTHAMPTON STBBBY DXKSOTOBT. 177 7 Smith Mn. apartment! here is Gloucester passage. 8 Hill Wm.A Go. shipowner! and coal in arch ants 8 Le Feuvre John E. Ss Son, Lloyds and shipping agents 8 Offi [...]
Full text:[...] 178 ftxmuMrroir rrurr dkbbotost. •bmthiob squabk, c**- berland place. 1 Beadon Major W. H. 9 Crawley Richard 8 Lewis T. D. 4 Wesilake W. C. Grosvenor hOQM 6 Bradby Harry 5 Bradby Miss 6 Perkim Willia [...]
Full text:[...]  mmmmmmie SOUTHAMPTON ITI1IT DI1ICT0KY. 179 61 Saunders Mr*. A. ft Blake Aaron, labourer 69 [Sparks Jm. bootmaker 64 Hill ton John, labourer 66 Andrews Wm. sailor 66 Fryer Geo. labourer 67 Sweet Wm. [...]
Full text:[...] 180 gOrnUXPTON BTKBtT DISXCTOBT. 7 Harlcy Mrs. F. 8 Lee John, waiter 9 Wilkinson George, steward 10 Colston J. R. storekeeper 11 Hewlett John, fireman 12 Kiel). Thorn a*, seaman 13 Dieriex Antoine, i [...]
Full text:[...] w ttOCTBAXHOM MUIT W**CTO*Y. t MmIUmJum .5 Baa vis C. ironmonger 7 Baawiek Edward, watchmaker 9 Young George, saddler 11 J«mun George, builder and ironmonger 18 Chalk Win. painter W Bmvn J. C. baker [...]
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