Volumes in the collection: Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood, including Romsey, Netley (Hound), Netley (Totton), Bitterne, Sholing, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, Woolstone, Shirley, Freemantle, Millbrook, Redbridge, and all villages within seven miles of Southampton
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Full text:[...] VILLAGE DIRECTORY. 651 Letters arrive from Southampton through Redbridge. Nursling is the nearest money order office Population, 1881, 465. Private. Ball W. Henry, Laburnham cott. Brownhill Chamberla [...]
Full text:[...] 658 VILLAGE DIRECTORY. on the Southampton and Dorchester branch of the S. W. Railway, about 4 miles from Southampton, in the Southern Division of the County, New Forest Union, and under the same juri [...]
Full text:[...] TILLAGE DIRECTORY. 661 Rabbick Henry, farmer, Kent's farm Winsor Read George, bootmaker and leather seller, Junction road Read Henry, bookseller and sta- tioner, and news agent Read Miss, Preparatory [...]
Full text:[...] 662 VILLAGE DIRECTORY. Post office—Money order, tele graph, &c. James Stacey, post master. Letters from South ampton are delivered 7.0 a.m and 3.15 p.m.; Sunday, 7.0 a.m Despatched 9.15 a.m. and 7.55 [...]
Full text:[...]  ADVERTISEMENTS. H. "t ■* i 4 ' s 1 I J. BURROW & SONS, BOOT MANUFACTURERS, 58 EAST STREET, 4 8,9 & 10, STRAND SOUTHAMPTON. For Gentlemen's Easy Walking. WEAR. Made the actual form of the Foot. Pliab [...]
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