Volumes in the collection: Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood, including Romsey, Netley (Hound), Netley (Totton), Bitterne, Sholing, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, Woolstone, Shirley, Freemantle, Millbrook, Redbridge, and all villages within seven miles of Southampton
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Full text:[...] 550 SOUTHAMPTON CLASSIFIED TRADES. Domone W. H. 21 Upper Canal walk Harrison J. J. 40 High st. Shirley Hawkins Isaac, 2 St. Mary street Henbest Walter, 72 High street, Shirley Hodges G-eo. 24 High st [...]
Full text:[...] m SOUTHAMPTON CLASSIFIED TRADES. Eliott Son & Co. Belvidere road, Britannia wharf LISLE BEOS. Portswood road, Bevois hill Tagart, Morgan & Coles, Cross House wharf Slaters. Flood W. 41 Bell Vue stree [...]
Full text:[...]  K:Y4$?( I #&/ %rl' ADVERTISEMENT. PATRONISED BY mt %x mom ajfsfji % fMMii Their Royal Highnesses The Prince and Princess of Wales The Belgian Royal Family,' ' The Archbishop of Canteebuky. The A [...]
Full text:[...] VILLAGE DIRECTORY. 597 Moberly John Cornelius, M.A. Oxon, Woodlands Pearoe Mrs. The Firs Poingdestre James, Tower House Randall William Brodrick, J.P. Bonnicot Rogers W. H. J.P. Red Lodge Rubie Geo. [...]
Full text:[...] mmm VILLAGE DIRECTORY 608 Usborne Rev. Henry, B,A. Vicar Redcott Vare James, High street Vare Walter, Commercial street Wakeford Thomas, Sussex house, Balaclava road Wells W. S. Bitterne court, Bit- [...]
Full text:[...] VILLAGE DIRECTORY. 621 Commercial. Abraham John and Son, market gardeners Adams Wm. shoeing and general smith Banchini Miss Alice, grocer and draper, Post Office Bignell John, market gardener Burton [...]
Full text:[...] 624 TILLAGE DIRECTORY. Hoskins Capt. John, 5 Granada cot tag3s Hollowa.y Mrs. J. L. Abbsy ville Johnsoa Mrs. Netley farm Kn.xpp Capt. Gho. Abb ay hill Miickey Miss, Netley lodge Minns Rsv. Geo. Wm. v [...]
Full text:[...] VILLAGE DIRECTOR*. 658 Bridge, having a station on the Southampton and Netley Rail-wap. ' It is situated on the river Itch en, in the southern division of the county, and union of South Stoneham, and [...]
Full text:[...] 658 VILLAGE DIRECTORY. on the Southampton and Dorchester branch of the S. W. Railway, about 4 miles from Southampton, in the Southern Division of the County, New Forest Union, and under the same juri [...]
Full text:[...] VILLAGE DIRECTORY. 659 Spring Benjamin, Prospect house, Commercial road Stride I. Beechfield Thompson Henry Hall, Forest lodge, Junction road Thornton Mrs. M. Pondjroad Topp Edward, Rumbridge street [...]
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