Volumes in the collection: Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood, including Romsey, Netley (Hound), Netley (Totton), Bitterne, Sholing, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, Woolstone, Shirley, Freemantle, Millbrook, Redbridge, and all villages within seven miles of Southampton
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Full text:[...] HISTORY OF SOUTHAMPTON. 29 There is also St. John's Free Church of England, a Jewish Synagogue, and other places of worship, fully noticed further on. The 'Roman Catholic Chapel, St. Joseph's, is in [...]
Full text:[...] m HISTORY OF SOUTHAMPTON. 81 cence of a private individual and the corporation of the town as early as 1629. It was rebuilt a few years ago. The Cemetery, situated on the Common, comprising many a [...]
Full text:[...] 60 SOUTHAMPTON of age not admitted. The Library is open every evening from seven to nine o'clock, except on Lecture nights, and the months of June, July, and August, when it is only open three days a [...]
Full text:[...] 112 SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY. 22 Smith Edward, coachsmith (workshop) 23 Osman Geo. shoeing smith 24 Hampton Aaron, dairyman 25 Spicer Robt. carpenter 26 Meering Mrs. J. 27 Noyce Wm. labourer Whit [...]
Full text:[...] rw mpi SOUTHAJCnON MBI1T DIRECTORY. 201 38 AfUtt Mri. M. A. 29 Vey Wm. mariner 30 Isaacs Wm. bricklayer 31 Frampton Ed. engine driver 32 Roo John, assistant school- master 33 Pullinger Mrs. R. MANCHE [...]
Full text:[...] 286 SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY. WESTGATE TERRACE, West gate street to Bugle street. 1 Boach Jas. ship's steward 2 Culverwell Fredk. clerk O.S.O. 3 Bone Fredk. baker 4 Holden Geo. porter 5 Turton Jo [...]
Full text:[...] 810 SOUTHAMPTON PRIVATE RESIDENTS. Andrews Edward, Rosselle villa, Lodge road, Bevois Mount Andrews George, 7 Oak place, Northam road Andrews Henry (Scripture Reader), 10 Milton road, Shirley Andrews [...]
Full text:[...] 812 SOUTHAMPTON PRIVATE RESIDENTS. Batten Geo. W. 10 East Park ter. Batters John, Bat hurst villa, 87 Shirley road, Freemantle Baxter Horace, 1 Yectis terrace, Brunswick place Bayly Miss, Fern Lea, 5 [...]
Full text:[...] 316 SOUTHAMPTON PRIVATE RESIDENTS. Candy Hy. 37 St. Albans terrace, Derby road Candy Jus. Bedford place Caplen C. A. 79 Durnford terrace, Derby road Capper Octavius, Beechwood, 5 Hill . lane, Hill Ca [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON PRIVATE RESIDENTS. 817 Charcher John, Portsdown, 2 Carlton villas, Carlton road, Fitz-hugh Churchill Ed. Victoria villas, |24 Oxford road, Bevois mount Churchill H. 14 Hamilton torrace, C [...]
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