Volumes in the collection: Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood, including Romsey, Netley (Hound), Netley (Totton), Bitterne, Sholing, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, Woolstone, Shirley, Freemantle, Millbrook, Redbridge, and all villages within seven miles of Southampton
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Full text:[...] 156 SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY. 25 Marshall Chas. sawyer 26 Edmenc Mrs. 27 Brander Peter, painter 28 Glasspool Hy. labourer 29 Pasfield Wm. Hy. packer Winchester Place. 1 Batchelor Maurice, laboure [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY. 167 Smith W. E stella cottage Beeves Wm. labourer Banger Moses, tailor Hartnell Mrs. Ebenezer cottage EAST ST. /rom High street to St. Mary's street and Marsh lane. All [...]
Full text:[...] 181 totrtuxtto* ituit MuctokY. IS WDWdra Fred, steward 10 Bidfw Cbarlea, wheelwright 8 Gaywood Henry, Victoria villa 6 Bam aha w Ed. brewer's manager I 4 Petty James, porter HXYSHAM ROAD (Shirley), F [...]
Full text:[...] W*}.W mm tOOTSAXPTOM traaav MMOVOBY. 1*1 #7 mum* John, shipwrWit ## Wright By. beer retailer 19 Hewlett Cornelia:, labourer 10 Reeves Jm. railway labourer »1 Bishop Wm, baker 5 84 Andrews Joseph, car [...]
Full text:[...] 196 SOUTHAMPTON 8TKEST DIRECTORY. I Petman Dr. Alex. P. Laura house 3 Drayson Mrs. A. J. Laura cot- tage ft Howell Edwin Thos. 4 Candy Francis 5 Richards Arthur, clerk 6 Pike Henry Michael 7 Jordon M [...]
Full text:[...] mm S0UTHA1CPT0N STBB1T MSBOTOSY* 101 Gregory Andrew Soott, sailor, Pleasant place 168 Middleton Geo. ooal dealer 167 Hunt John, oab proprietor, Sainfoin cottage 169 Gates George, oab proprietor and [...]
Full text:[...] 216 SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTOR?. 17 Leigh Walter Wm. labourer 18 Royal. Benj. shipwright 19 Moon Wm. 20 Norman Albert, tailor 22 Porter John, shipwright 23 Holiday Wm. 24 Perriton John, seaman 25 Ir [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY. 217 4 Millard Mrs. 6 Franklin Mrs. 6 German Miss 36 Hiscock J. card painter 32 Barnes Edward, labourer 30 Legg Mrs. M. 28 Jewell Eobert, compositor 26 Mason Mrs. J. Whit [...]
Full text:[...] 224 SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY. ONSLOW RD. (Newtown), St. Mary's road to Cranbury place. 1 Campbell & Co. corn and coal merchants, Onslow place 3 Wilson Mrs. Charlotte 5 Tomlinson Clement, clerk 7 [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY. 225 24 Fielder Thomas 25 Fielder Walter 0. 26 Mojre Joha, Alton Ale House Munday J. 0. & Co. stores 27 Saunders Win. furniture broker 28 Barnes Richd. newsagent and toba [...]
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