Volumes in the collection: Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood, including Romsey, Netley (Hound), Netley (Totton), Bitterne, Sholing, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, Woolstone, Shirley, Freemantle, Millbrook, Redbridge, and all villages within seven miles of Southampton
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Full text:[...] 40 sotjtfiamf'tosf SOUTHAMPTON INCORPORATION. Offices—The Workhouse, St. Mary Street. Guardians of the Poor {Ex-affitio)— The Mayor (President), tlie three Senior Aldermen, the Senior and Junior Bail [...]
Full text:[...] J- " fjOCAL INTELLIGENCE. 59 Evans. Lady Superintendent, Miss Jennings. Libiarian, Miss Boots. Bankers, Messrs. Maddison, Atherley, Han-kinson, and Darwin. Treasurer, Mrs. Langstaff. Hon. Secretary, [...]
Full text:[...]  K:Y4$?( I #&/ %rl' ADVERTISEMENT. PATRONISED BY mt %x mom ajfsfji % fMMii Their Royal Highnesses The Prince and Princess of Wales The Belgian Royal Family,' ' The Archbishop of Canteebuky. The A [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON CLASSIFIED TRADES. 547 Trend T. W. M.D. M.R.C.P. 6 Anglesea place Wade Arthur Brenton, M.B. C.M. M.R.C.S. 4 Waterloo place Ward Thos. M.R.C.S.L. L.S.A. 70 Marland place Ward & King, 70 Ma [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY. 239 De Garlieb Gustave, O.S.O. Weimar cottage Elkington Eobert, fellmonger, Weimar cottage Bunney Benj. Red Lion Luff Chas. miller Tilleridge Geo. L. & S.W. Railwayman, [...]
Full text:[...]  14 LIST OF ADTEKTISCKH, / i-z Iremongerl. James Alfred Johnson Walter E. 503 Kent Fire Insurance Co., colored page facing .. Kent H. B. & Co. King Edward VI. Grammar School .. Knight John H. & Son [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON STBEET DIRECTORY. 115 6 Joyce Isaac, milkman 7 Heath Thos. boiler maker 8 Scammell Geo. labourer 9 Tucker Geo. coal meter 10 Adams Wm. baker 11 Bartlett Hy. general shop 12 Grant James, s [...]
Full text:[...] 128 SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY. 24 Adams Geo. steward 25 Harris Mrs. M. 26 Gal pin Geo. labourer 27 Peckham Geo. stoker BRINTON'S RD. Northam road St. Marifs road. 1 Le Grand John, shipwright 3 Whe [...]
Full text:[...] 182 SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY. BULLAE STREET, Lower (Newtown), Derby rd. toBullar street. Dudcot Terrace. 1 Whitmarsh Alf. boat builder 3 Daish Geo. chief (ship's) cook 5 Thomas Geo. telegraph cle [...]
Full text:[...] 144 SOUTHAMPTON STBEET DlEECTORY. 61 Tupper Alfred, Queen of the South 62 Stevens & Son, boot manufac- turers fi3 Sparkman Mrs. 51 Moorman Edward, butcher 5f> Glew Edwin, sailor 66 Limbert James, sai [...]
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