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Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. 45 14 Hart, Miss . 15 Philp, John F. 17 Ansty, Thomas lo fcJouth, Charles spring place, Bevois Valley. Lacey, Mrs. Windsor, George Feloyde, A. 1 Croucher, George 2 Meati [...]
Full text:[...] if do ALPHABETICAL LIST OF If AMES. Baker, G., clerk, South view, Obelisk road, Woohton Baker, George, Clifton cottage, Chapel street, Bittern e Baker, George, grocer, Park road, Freemantle Baker, He [...]
Full text:[...] 148 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. Mason, Charles, umbrella maker, 21, East street Mason, Edwin, bootmaker, 102, Bevois street Mason, George W., steward, 2, York terrace, Northam Mason, Henry, gardener, [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. 149 May, Mrs., 1, Havelock terrace, "West Marlands May, Mrs., general dealer, 19, Chapel street May, Thomas, tailor, 9, College street May, Wm., bootmaker, Totton Mayer, C [...]
Full text:[...] 106 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. Petty, John, clerk, 6, Raven street, Newtown Petty, John, sexton, 2, St. Mary's place Petty, J. H., carpenter, 5, Portswood terrace, Bevois Hill Petty, J. H., joiner, [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF If AMES. 185 Sloper, G. N. R. (Randall, Sloper, & Co.), 8. Cranbury terrace, Newtown Sly, Mrs., innkeeper, " Anchor," 76, East street Small, James, shoemaker, Albany road, Freema [...]
Full text:[...] r 188 ALPHABETICAL 118* Of NAMES, Spencer, Augustus, 3, Upper Chamberlayne place, Newtown . Spencer, B. K., O. S. O., Woodside cottage, Highfield Spencer, Charles, shoemaker, 3, Alfred street, Castle [...]
Full text:[...] 212 ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. Woolfry, Tom, builder, 11, Portland place Woollesson, E., confectioner, 20, Bridge street Woolley, Mrs., beer retailer, 12, Orchard street Woolman, Misses, stay makers [...]
Full text:[...] 228 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF THE Li Loney, Capt. P., R.N., Magdala house, Millbrook road, Freemantle % S: wthT Long, Walter J., Preshaw house, Upham, Bishop s Waltham Long, W. J., The Crescent, Anglesey, [...]
Full text:[...] COUNTRY SEATS AND THEIR RESIDENTS. 245 Grove Villas, Southsea, Capt. Edward Franklin, R.N. Gundimore, Cliristchurch, W. R. Ward Gwydyr House, Hyde, Sir Collingwood and Lady Dickson Hackwood Park, Bas [...]
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