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Full text:[...] 2168 alphabetical list of t&is LEGAL. The title of " Esquire" should be understood to follow each Name in this List. Adams, Jolin F., and J. C. Moberley, Alresford and West Meon Addison, J. A. (Herve [...]
Full text:[...] H ALPHABETICAL LIST OP STREETS. k a mot street, Bedford Place. 1 Cox, Samuel 2 Craig, G. 3 Barclay, Luke 4 Pratt, W. 4 "Wilson, Miss 6 Beckett, J. 7 Wood, Richard 9 Edwards, Mrs. 10 Diddams, G. 11 Wl [...]
Full text:[...] I ALPHABETICAL LIST OP STREETS. 3 Murray, W. 4 Gardener, Hy. 5 Collins, H. 6 Tuffin, John 7 Cropp, George 8 Vanderplank, C. H. COBDEN TERRACE. (See Neio Road.) COBURG STREET. Northam. Bailey, James A [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STBEETS, 31 38 Buckland, W. 39 Bolls, Thomas 40 Gilbert, R. 41 Hoare, Charles 42 Burton, H. 43 Boreham, W. 44 Elton, James 45 Dibden, W. 46 Fray, W. UPPER. 1 Clark, J. Primitive [...]
Full text:[...] 36 ALPHABETICAL LIST OP STREETS. Blanch ard, George Driver & Co. Stevens, Joseph Trim, Fanny Clark, Henry Terrill, John Cooper, James Adams, E. W. Poulton, J. Cross, C. "Weeks, Mrs. Cobb, Mrs. Glass, [...]
Full text:[...] ALPfiAfcETlCAl. LIST OP STREETS. 41 13 Crawford, John 14 Foot, William 15 Stone, W. 16 Skinner, Hy. 17 Burden, Mrs. 18 Darking, D. 19 Sawyer, Joseph 20 Davidson, W. 21 Ingram, C. J. 22 Shields, Oscar [...]
Full text:[...] CLEBICAL, LEGAL, AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONS. Ward, E. L., m.a. (Church of England R.), Blendworth, Horndean Wells, 6. A., m.a. (Church of England), Winchester Were, E. A., m.a. (Church of England), Winc [...]
Full text:[...] 294 PEOFESSlONS AND TRADES. Lloyde, James, " Royal Exchange," 47, James street j Lucas, Thomas, "Kingsland Tavern," ' 75, St. Mary street Lush, Leonard, " Prince of "Wales," 6, Paradise row, Northam [...]
Full text:[...] GENERAL INFORMATION. 421 PILOTAGE—PORT OF SOUTHAMPTON. Sub-Commissioners of Pilotage for Southampton District, viz., "From a line drawn from, Lepe Buoy to Lee Point into Southampton, and from Southam [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON AND SOUTH HANTS EQUITABLE PERMANENT BENEFIT ESTABLISHED 1852, Pursuant to Act of Parliament, 6 and 7 William IV., cap. 32. Offices-No. 2, HIGH STREET, SOUTHAMPTON. Shares, £50; Entrance [...]
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