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Full text:[...] 198 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF If AMES. Trix, T. J„ surveyor, Totton Trodd, Arthur, blacksmith, Newtown, Woolston Trodd, Charles, general dealer, 25, Fanshawe street, Newtown Trodd, James, Church street, H [...]
Full text:[...]  304 PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. Sims, V. W., 55, East street Snook, Robert P., 20, Bernard street Starkey, Robert, 25, Orchard street THOMAS, J, BLOUNT, 58, HIGH STREET ' Tigg, G. F., 18, Cambridge stre [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. 283 || Smith, Bumstead, & Trippe, 40-41, High street t Sturdy, Thomas, 20, Manchester at f Trainer, Francis, 18, Manchester at || Tucker, J. T., 32, Above Bar * "Waller, Walte [...]
Full text:[...]  414 GENERAL INFORMATION. COUNTY MAGISTRATES. I For the Division of Southampton, in the County of Southampton, comprising the Parishes of North Stoneham, South Stoneham, Botley, Hamble, Hound, Millbr [...]
Full text:[...] GENEEAL INFORMATION. 417 BOROUGH COUNCIL PROM NOVEMBER., 1875, TO NOVEMBER, 1876. MAYOR, EDWIN. JONES, ESQ. Sir F. Perkins, M.P................ 1872 Mr. W. Hickman .................. 1872 Mr. J. T. T [...]
Full text:[...] PUBiJ? BMAIES. ALPHABETICAL LIST OP STREETS with the nahe3 °f h0useh0lders and "nts placed under the name , op the street in which they reside. . 2 A ■■I above bab street. 1 Ridgway, Joseph 2 Brown, [...]
Full text:[...] MOBILITY AND GENTBY. 255 Todd, Misses, Gloucester lodge, Church street, Shirley, Southampton Toler, Honble. Otway, Beech cottage, Ryde Touchet, John, The cot, Old Shirley Tovey, Capt. H., R.E., Tecum [...]
Full text:[...] COUNTRY SEATS AND THEIR RESIDENTS. 245 Grove Villas, Southsea, Capt. Edward Franklin, R.N. Gundimore, Cliristchurch, W. R. Ward Gwydyr House, Hyde, Sir Collingwood and Lady Dickson Hackwood Park, Bas [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. 295 Hill, W. B., Albion place Hodgson and Co., 31, Middle Portland terrace Hunt and Bance, 23, High street Lumby and Co., 17, Above Bar Payne, C. S., 9, Portland street Perkin [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS' AND TRADES. 299 Paper Hangers. Buchan and Son, 159, High street Candy, Henry, 13, "Weymouth ter Darling, William C., 69, Grove street Dowdall, G. H., Bellevue road Grimsteed, W. 126, St. [...]
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