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Full text:[...] ALPfiAfcETlCAl. LIST OP STREETS. 41 13 Crawford, John 14 Foot, William 15 Stone, W. 16 Skinner, Hy. 17 Burden, Mrs. 18 Darking, D. 19 Sawyer, Joseph 20 Davidson, W. 21 Ingram, C. J. 22 Shields, Oscar [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OP STREETS. 43 11 Clark, J. 13 Blinkhorn, J. 14 Stockham, H. W. 15 Graham, 0. F. 16 Aggar, J. 17 Griffiths, J. 19 Tyne, Mrs. 20 Jerrom, T. 21 Marchant, John 22 Dibben, G. 23 Bullmor [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OP STBEETS. 49 6 Davis, David 7 Horsman, C. 8 Girls' College Sharwood, Miss 9 Parker, H. J. SUSSEX TERRACE. 1 Kennett, E. 1 Mabson, W. R. 2 Allen, W. J. • 3 Alliston, R. G. 4 Hill, [...]
Full text:[...] 282 PROFESSIONS AND TRADES, Veal, Joseph, 77, Brinton's road "Wareh am, Wm., 5, Padwell road, Bevois town "Waterman, James, Strand Watts, Alfred, 78, Marland place Wyatt, Joseph, 67a., St. Mary's roa [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. 285 Hooper and Son, Fourposts, Hill *Jeffery and Lewis, Corn market, Quay fKing and Jones, 39, Lower Canal walk *Lomer, F. G. and Co., 82, High st Lury, H., Baltic wharf, Mari [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF HOUSEHOLDERS AND RESIDENTS IN SOUTHAMPTON k AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. Ahbatt, James H., master mariner, 2, Sussex place, Shirley Abbott, Edwin, ship's cook, 4, Brinton's terrace Abbott, [...]
Full text:[...] 2168 alphabetical list of t&is LEGAL. The title of " Esquire" should be understood to follow each Name in this List. Adams, Jolin F., and J. C. Moberley, Alresford and West Meon Addison, J. A. (Herve [...]
Full text:[...] 276 CLERICAL, LEGAL, AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONS. Trestrail, Henry E., f.r.c.s. Edin., l.b.c.p. Edin., andL.M., l.p.p.s., Glas., Aldershot _ , ^ ,, Turner, Henry G., m.r.c.s., Eng., l.s.a., Boscombe, Bou [...]
Full text:[...] PUBiJ? BMAIES. ALPHABETICAL LIST OP STREETS with the nahe3 °f h0useh0lders and "nts placed under the name , op the street in which they reside. . 2 A ■■I above bab street. 1 Ridgway, Joseph 2 Brown, [...]
Full text:[...] alphabetical list of names. 55 Adams, T., dealer and cab proprietor, Victoria road, Netley Adams, Thomas, " Ship Inn," Victoria road, WooUUm Adams, W., carpenter, Swanwick Adams, William, baker, 10, [...]
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