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Full text:[...] 290 PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. Game Dealers. (See Poulterers.) Gardeners. (See Market Gardeners.) Gasfitters, Locksmiths, & Bellhangers. Fry, John, 9, South Front Hornsey, George, 13, West Front Hornsey [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. 291 Grocers and Provision Merchants. * Wholesale. * Adams, G. T., 27|r, Hanover bds Alexander, R. B., 1, Lower Princes street, Northam Alford, Oliver, 7, Onslow road, Newtown [...]
Full text:[...] 292 PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. Gun Makers Cox, Edward, 62, High street Cox & Son, Messrs. M. A., 7, Bernard street Patstone, John, 25, High street Gutta Percha Dealers Booth, E., Strand Kearney, J., 29, [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. 293 Bury, John, "Greyhound Inn," 3, Bridge street Childs, Christopher, "Railway Inn," Chapel road Chisholm, David, "St. George's Tavern, Bridge street Clifford, Henry, " Yacht [...]
Full text:[...] 294 PEOFESSlONS AND TRADES. Lloyde, James, " Royal Exchange," 47, James street j Lucas, Thomas, "Kingsland Tavern," ' 75, St. Mary street Lush, Leonard, " Prince of "Wales," 6, Paradise row, Northam [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. 295 Hill, W. B., Albion place Hodgson and Co., 31, Middle Portland terrace Hunt and Bance, 23, High street Lumby and Co., 17, Above Bar Payne, C. S., 9, Portland street Perkin [...]
Full text:[...] 296 PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. Lodginghouse Keepers. Allday, Thoa, 12, Upper Queen's ter Allen, Mrs., 12, Brunswick square, Bernard street Allvey, Mrs. E., 5, Lower Queen's ter Archer, Henry, Lamport ho [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. 297 Mathematical and Nautical Instrument Makers. Hornsey, George, "West front Stebbing, J. R. and Co., 88, High st THOMAS, J. BLOUNT, THE OBSERVATORY, 9, CANUTE RD Millers. Ap [...]
Full text:[...] 208 PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. * ; I; Outfitters and Tailors (*TaiIors only.) Ashdown, Wm., 3J, Bridge street Baker & Co., 35, 36, and 53, East st Bannister, Jonas, 18, Bernard street Baseley, J. B., 16 [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS' AND TRADES. 299 Paper Hangers. Buchan and Son, 159, High street Candy, Henry, 13, "Weymouth ter Darling, William C., 69, Grove street Dowdall, G. H., Bellevue road Grimsteed, W. 126, St. [...]
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