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Full text:[...] GENERAL INFORMATION. 433 PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY, SOUTHAMPTON. President—W. Basevi Sanders, Esq. Vice-Presidents—Rev. Dr. Wright, ll.d., C. Langstaff, Esq., m.d., R. C. Hankinson, Esq. Treasurer—W. E. D [...]
Full text:[...] 430 GENEBAL INFORMATION. I SOUTHAMPTON MASONIC BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION. Established 10th of August, 1875. President—Wor. Bro. Joseph Lobb, j.p., p.m., 394. Vice-President—Wor. Bro. H. Clark, m.d., p.m [...]
Full text:[...] 28 GENERAL INFORMATION. SOUTHAMPTON DISPENSARY AND' HUMANE SOCIETY, NEW ROAD. For Affording Gratuitous Advice and Medicines to the Sick Poor, with Attendance at their Homes when necessary; also for e [...]
Full text:[...] 426 GENERAL INFORMATION. INLAND REVENUE OFFICE.-5%, ABOVE BAR. EXCISE AND STAMPS. Collector—Thomas Fell, Esq., Bombay Villa, Avenue. First Clerk—Mr. Richard Allen, Woolston. Second Clerk—Mr. "William [...]
Full text:[...] GENERAL INFORMATION. COURT OF PROBATE. Commissioner for Administering Oaths, &c. William Hickman, Esq., 7, Albion place. 419 SURROGATES FOR GRANTING MARRIAGE LICENSES. i The Rev. Arthur Bradley, Angl [...]
Full text:[...]  418 GENERAL INFORMATION. THE QUARTER SESSIONS Are held in the Guildhall, over the Bargate. County Quarter Sessions must be held in the 1st week after the 28th of December ; 1st week after 31st March [...]
Full text:[...] GENEEAL INFORMATION. 417 BOROUGH COUNCIL PROM NOVEMBER., 1875, TO NOVEMBER, 1876. MAYOR, EDWIN. JONES, ESQ. Sir F. Perkins, M.P................ 1872 Mr. W. Hickman .................. 1872 Mr. J. T. T [...]
Full text:[...]  414 GENERAL INFORMATION. COUNTY MAGISTRATES. I For the Division of Southampton, in the County of Southampton, comprising the Parishes of North Stoneham, South Stoneham, Botley, Hamble, Hound, Millbr [...]
Full text:[...] GENERAL INFORMATION. 413 SOUTH STONEHA.M REGISTRAR'S DISTRICT. J. J. P. Hoare, Esq., Bitterne—Superintendent Registrar. "W. Danells, Bitterne—Deputy Superintendent Registrar. J. "W. B. Nisbet, Bitter [...]
Full text:[...] CrEtfERAli INFORMATION. CHURCHWARDENS. All Saints—"Dr. Palk and G. M. Passenger. Holy Rood— G. Manby, Edward Paul. St. Lawrence with St. John—Thomas Dartnall, H. Breton. St. Mary—Henry Bull, Isaac Ha [...]
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