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Full text:[...] 42 Edmunds, Mrs. 43 Biggs, Edward 44 Earley, Daniel 46 Cox, Robert 47 Rogers, G. 48 Palmer, J. 49 Callaway, E. 50 Morgan, C. 51 Tubbs, J. . 52 Gear, R. 53 Barnes, Mrs. 54 Nutbeem, W. 55 Carter, Mrs. [...]
Full text:[...]  ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. 101 K> § qj oo pa s u +3 GO 1 H CO JZ5 Elliston, Frederick, sheriff's officer, 19, Hanover buildings Ellyett, George, French polisher, 4, Charlotte street, Briton street [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. 177 Rose, M., cattle dealer, 20, Gladstone terrace, Kent road, FreemanUe Rose. Mrs., Dinner wick cottage, Bedford terrafie, Bedford place Rose) Robert, engineer, 3, Nelson [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. 189 Stanger, James, grocer and provision dealer, 129, St. Mary street Stanley, Frederick W., engineer, 9, Frederick street, Newtown Stanley, William, carpenter and joiner, [...]
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