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Full text:[...] index to streets. terrace, Northam Chapel street, St. Mary's Charles street, Marsh lane Charlotte street, Briton street Chesterfield terrace, Castle square Chichester road ......... Church street, Ch [...]
Full text:[...] INDEX TO STREETS. I St. Andrew's road ......54 St. Lawrence road, Canute road 13 St. Mark's road, St. Mary's road 45 St. Mark's terrace, St. Mary's _ road ... .........46 St. Mary s buildings, St. Ma [...]
Full text:[...] bMs II XVI. Page 99 . ;; 99 99 99 99 99 99 COBBECTIONS, REMOVALS, AND ADDENDA. Corrections and Removals. iMfc Addenda. % & ent rooms, Railway E5 &SS& Bartfey,Cotton Everett, J., Colbury manor, Totton [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OP STREETS. 51 4 Saunders, R C. 5 Hollick, S. 6 Sutherland, D. 7 Radcliffe, J. ' 8 Butt, H. WESTERN TERRACE. 1 Peddel, Mrs. 2 Bell, James 3 Ross,' William 4 Jenkins, J. 5 White, Jam [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF HOUSEHOLDERS AND RESIDENTS IN SOUTHAMPTON k AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. Ahbatt, James H., master mariner, 2, Sussex place, Shirley Abbott, Edwin, ship's cook, 4, Brinton's terrace Abbott, [...]
Full text:[...] 56 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. Allen, Alfred, dyer, 19, New road Allen, Arthur, store keeper, 10, Clifford crescent Allen, A. G., jeweller's manager, 2, Orchard villas, Shirley road, FreemantU Allen, [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. 57 Andrews, Henry 0., draper, 31, Bernard street Andrews, J. A., carpenter, 10, Lower Dover street, Bevois town ■ Andrews, James, seaman, 91, St. Andrew's road • Andrews, [...]
Full text:[...] AliPfiABEilCAL LIST Otf NAMES. Ayling, William, mariner, 18, St. Mark's terrace Ayre, Airs. B., Fir grove, West End Ays cough, Capt., R.N., Prospect house, Lower Prospect place 69 Babot, G., commande [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. 61 Banger, Moses, tailor, 3, Camfield cottages, Ivy road, St. Denys Banks, Edw., L. & S. W. R, Oxford streetf Shirley Banks, H., master mariner, 4, High street, Hythe Bunk [...]
Full text:[...] 66 ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. I J" Best and Best, Messrs. W. and H. G., solicitors, 4, Middle Portland terrace Beswick, "William, watchmaker, 26, Western Shore road Beswick, William, watchmaker, 32, [...]
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