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Full text:[...] Rev. J. H., minister of East street Baptist chapel, Laura villa, Avenue terrace • . * Patterson, William J., 17, Carlton crescent jS Paul, Bit., ticket writer, 1,.,Mnrin» teuaue, Dfttuin llttl/// / /iy [...]
Full text:[...] Registrar. Robert Goodenough Bassett, Esq., Riversfield, Shirley—Deputy Superintendent Registrar. William Henry Pike, Totton—Registrar of Marriages. W. H. Pike, Totton—Registrar of Births and Deaths for [...]
Full text:[...] LAND SOCIETY, Established at Southampton in March, 1S50, and enrolled under the 6th and 7th William the IV., cap. 32. ^ To enable each Member to become possessed of a Freehold Property of sufficient [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OP 8TBEETS. : S CLARENDON TEBBACE. 1 Hyde, "William 2 RowclifF, Mrs. 3 Burton, Mrs. 4 Batchelor, T. 5 Wake, G. A. 7 Knott, Henry CLIFF ROAD. 1 Heath, [...]
Full text:[...] 0. A. 15 Bathe, W. 16 Brixey, C. 18 Smith, W. 20 Stickland, T. FRENCH STREET. 3 Nobbs, William 4 Brown, George 5 Powell, Henry 6 Patten, John 7 Deess, Mrs. H. 13 Walden, Daniel 14 Martin, W. [...]
Full text:[...] square Stockham, Thomas, West Quay Bookbinders. Broadbere, K. J., Pembroke square Budden, William, 41, St. Mary street Cawte, G., 9. St. Michael's square Paul & Son, 77, High street Booksellers & [...]
Full text:[...] Mrs., 134, St. Mary's road v. • House, Robert, shipwright, 6, Guillaume terrace House, William, clerk, 14, Houndwell gardens • , Houston, James, beer retailer, " Bold Forester, 68, St. Mary [...]
Full text:[...] villa, Winchester road, Portswood Powell, W., butcher, 9, Albert terrace, Avenue road Powell, William, broker, 76, Upper Canal walk Powell, William P., fishmonger, 89, St. Mary street - Power, Mrs., [...]
Full text:[...] f 274 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF THE Lloyd, David, M.R.C.s. Eng., l.s.A., Shanklin Longmore, Thos. C.B., f.r.c.8. Eng., Woolston, Southampton Loveless, Win. Kere, m.r.c.s. Eng., l.s.a., Stockbridge Lush, W [...]
Full text:[...] 37, Carlton place ; Hewer, James, 92, High street Knapp, George, 73, St. Andrew's road Pike, William, 23, Hanover buildings Taylor, George W., 7 and 8, Oxford st Color, Lead, and Glass [...]
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