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Full text:[...] ! :i COUNTY OF HANTS FREEHOLD LAND SOCIETY, Established at Southampton in March, 1S50, and enrolled under the 6th and 7th William the IV., cap. 32. ^ To enable each Member to become possessed of a Fr [...]
Full text:[...] CrEtfERAli INFORMATION. CHURCHWARDENS. All Saints—"Dr. Palk and G. M. Passenger. Holy Rood— G. Manby, Edward Paul. St. Lawrence with St. John—Thomas Dartnall, H. Breton. St. Mary—Henry Bull, Isaac Ha [...]
Full text:[...] 300 PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. I f Dyer, Alfred J., publisher Hants Independent, 52, Above Bar Glitch and Cox, 150, High street Hort, William, 29, Bernard street King, Robert B.. publisher Hants Adverti [...]
Full text:[...] 296 PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. Lodginghouse Keepers. Allday, Thoa, 12, Upper Queen's ter Allen, Mrs., 12, Brunswick square, Bernard street Allvey, Mrs. E., 5, Lower Queen's ter Archer, Henry, Lamport ho [...]
Full text:[...] 284 PROFESSIONS AND T&ADES. I Chiropodist. Fowler, Mrs., 8, Compton walk Chronometer Maker. THOMAS, J. BLOUNT, THE OBSERVATORY, 9, CANUTE ROAD, & 58, HIGH STREET Cider Merchants, Beams, John, 84, Hig [...]
Full text:[...] frv 280 PEOFESSION8 AlfD TRADES. Block and Mast Makers. Fay & Co., 89, High street Lawes, H., 45, Bugle street Mist, G., 7, Chantry road Holland, George, 44, St. Mary street Vidler, G.. 14, Nelson ro [...]
Full text:[...] f 274 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF THE Lloyd, David, M.R.C.s. Eng., l.s.A., Shanklin Longmore, Thos. C.B., f.r.c.8. Eng., Woolston, Southampton Loveless, Win. Kere, m.r.c.s. Eng., l.s.a., Stockbridge Lush, W [...]
Full text:[...] Alphabetical list of namiJs. 169 Pouget, Paul, clerk, 64, New road Pounds, Benjamin, general dealer. 44, Chapel road Pounds, Mrs., 6, York place, Northam road Povah, Rev. Charles, Wesleyan minister, [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. 163 Passenger, George M., glass and china warehouse, 9, High street Passmore, John, coachsmith, 8. Sussex terrace Passmore, Sarah, nurse, 85, Millbank street,. Northam Pa [...]
Full text:[...] V 128r ALPHABETICAL LIST. QF NAMES. House, Mrs., 134, St. Mary's road v. • House, Robert, shipwright, 6, Guillaume terrace House, William, clerk, 14, Houndwell gardens • , Houston, James, beer retail [...]
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