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Full text:[...] WHITTINGTON CHIEF OFFICES—37, moorgate street, London, e.c. (Incorporated under Act of Parliament 7 <£ 8 Vic., cap. 110.,) ESTABLISHED 1855. CAPITAL, £100,000. TRUSTEES. SIR F. M. WILLIAMS, Bart., [...]
Full text:[...] Punctual Attendance, every Wednesday, at 153, High Street, Southampton; every Tuesday, at 59, High Street, Winchester, each day from 10 till five o'clock. Infectlij Q wttstrg aab mrTb.TTmoseley, The [...]
Full text:[...] Mutual Life Assurance without Individual Responsibility. THE PROVIDENT CLERKS' wtual fife |lssitrairte ^Usflriittioir. ESTABLISHED 184:0. ANNUAL PREMIUMS TO SECURE £100 AT DEATH. with profits. Age 20 [...]
Full text:[...] r SOUTHAMPTON SAVINGS' BANK, WEST ]VCJVI%,IjJL]SrZ)3. x.—This Bank was established in the year 1816, and is consequently now in its Sixtieth year—and has no connection with any other bank. Ine rules [...]
Full text:[...] GENERAL INFORMATION 439 SOUTHAMPTON HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. established 1862. Officers for 1876. President—Thomas Chamberlayne, Esq., Cranbury Park.. Vice-Presidents—The Worshipful the Mayor of Southa [...]
Full text:[...] GENERAL INFORMATION. 429 ; SOUTHAMPTON INDUSTRIAL RAGGED SCHOOLS. st. george's place, houndwell. Erected in the year 1854. (Industrial Training Department, Established 1860.) The President and Truste [...]
Full text:[...] (JENEKAL INFORMATION. 427 TRUSTEES OF THE CHARITIES IN SOUTHAMPTON. Atherley, George, Esq., Southampton. Bradley, Rev. Arthur, m.a., Anglesea-place, Southampton. Gary, Rev. James Walter, d.d., Glouce [...]
Full text:[...] 416 GENERAL INFORMATION. September 22.—Lists of claimants and of persons objected to, to be fixed by the Town Clerk in some public place of each borough, from this day till October 1st. October 1.—Ma [...]
Full text:[...] GENERAL INFORMATION. BOROUGH REGULATIONS. 415 March 1.—Auditors and Assessors of Boroughs to be elected. March 25.—Overseers are to be appointed on this day, or within fourteen days thereafter. Those [...]
Full text:[...] 4l2 general information. SOUTHAMPTON REGISTRARS DISTRICT. REGISTER OFFICE, 23, HIGH STREET. Superintendent Registrar—John Atlee Hunt, Esq., 23, High street. Deputy Superintendent Registrar—Mr. James [...]
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