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Full text:[...] 184. ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. Simpson, —, Lansdown villa, Saxon road, Freemantle Simpson, Charles, mariner, 3, Peterborough road, Bevois town Simpson, Edward, painter, 33, Bullar street, Newtown S [...]
Full text:[...] CLERICAL. LEGAL, AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONS. 273 Garrington, William H., m.r.c.s. Eng., l.s.a., Southsea Gawthorpe, M., l.8.a., Ventnor Gibson, James E., m.r.c.8. Eng., l.s.a., "West Cowei Giles, W. F., [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. 293 Bury, John, "Greyhound Inn," 3, Bridge street Childs, Christopher, "Railway Inn," Chapel road Chisholm, David, "St. George's Tavern, Bridge street Clifford, Henry, " Yacht [...]
Full text:[...] 294 PEOFESSlONS AND TRADES. Lloyde, James, " Royal Exchange," 47, James street j Lucas, Thomas, "Kingsland Tavern," ' 75, St. Mary street Lush, Leonard, " Prince of "Wales," 6, Paradise row, Northam [...]
Full text:[...]  304 PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. Sims, V. W., 55, East street Snook, Robert P., 20, Bernard street Starkey, Robert, 25, Orchard street THOMAS, J, BLOUNT, 58, HIGH STREET ' Tigg, G. F., 18, Cambridge stre [...]
Full text:[...] ,«!«■ X J GENERAL INFORMATION connected with the TOWN OF SOUTHAMPTON. If -1 1 . -■*.» i PENINSULAR & ORIENTAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. V INCORPORATED BY ROYAL CHARTER IN 1840. Offices—122, Leadenha [...]
Full text:[...] 402 GENERAL INFORMATION. THE NORTH GERMAN LLOYD STEAM SHIP COMPANY. General Agents—Messrs. Keller, "Wallis, and Postlethwaite, Oriental place, Southampton, London, and Manchester. Agents in London—Me [...]
Full text:[...] GENERAL INFORMATION, 403 THE SOUTHAMPTON, ISLE OF WIGHT, AND SOUTH OF ENGLAND ROYAL MAIL STEAM PACKET COMPANY, LIMITED. Offices—No. 2, High street, Southampton. Directors. Chairman—A. Lamb, Esq., j.p [...]
Full text:[...] GENERAL INFORMATION. 405 CONSULS, VICE-CONSULS, AND CONSULAR AGENTS. Argentine Confederation—Vice-Consul, J. H. Wolff, Esq., Canute road Austrian—Consular Agent, John Horn, Esq., 19, Terminus terrace [...]
Full text:[...] 408 GENERAL INFORMATION. Landford—from the George, Friday, 4 p.m.—Hutchins. London—from the Office, 81, High Street (via Railway), daily.—Pickford. London—from the Office, 3, Oxford Street (via Railw [...]
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