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Full text:[...] 33, Bullar street, Newtown Simpson, Henry, foreman, 12, Bridge place, Northam road Simpson, John, national schoolmaster, Waterloo road, Freemantle ' Simpson, Thomas, Fir-tree cottage, High [...]
Full text:[...] Gosport Harnett, Alfred, l.r.c.p. Edin., andl.m,, l.r.c.8. Edin., andl.n., Bishopsiokt Hawkes, John, m.d., m.r.c.s. Eng., f.z.s., Alton Hayes, H. R., l.r.c.p. Lond., m.r.c.8. Eng., l.m., Basingstoke [...]
Full text:[...] AND TRADES. 293 Bury, John, "Greyhound Inn," 3, Bridge street Childs, Christopher, "Railway Inn," Chapel road Chisholm, [...]
Full text:[...] Hotel, Blechynden ter Millin, Frederick, "British Workman Temperance Hotel," 16, New road Moore, John F., "Evening Star," 27, Upper Canal walk Moore, Mary, "Mariners Arms," Belvidere road, Crabniton [...]
Full text:[...] and Son, 67, High street Barlow, A., Commercial road Bartlett and Son, 6, High street Blench, John, 3, Bevois street Bright, John, Hampton Court brewery bar, French street Bulpitt, Henry, 33, [...]
Full text:[...] Deacon, Esq. Bankers. • London—Williams, Deacon, & Co. | Dublin—Royal Bank of Ireland; Solicitor—John Watney, Esq. Directors. ' Henry Bayley, Esq., Carlton Villa, Blackheath Park, S.E. William Fane de [...]
Full text:[...] and Shipping Master—Mr. J. Cole. Superintendent Engineer—Mr. J. Bowers. Naval Examiner—John Hay, Commander, r.n. Superintendent of Cargo and Passenger Department—Mr. J. K. Linstead. Shipping [...]
Full text:[...] Stocken and Jupp. Bankers —Messrs. Maddison, Atherley, Hankinson, and Darwin. Secretary—Mr. John J. Burnett. The Company has a very efficient Fleet of 7 Vessels (and 2 new vessels, built) in [...]
Full text:[...] Confederation—Vice-Consul, J. H. Wolff, Esq., Canute road Austrian—Consular Agent, John Horn, Esq., 19, Terminus terrace Belgian—Consul, J. E. Le Feuvre, Esq., 71, High [...]
Full text:[...] 408 GENERAL INFORMATION. Landford—from the George, Friday, 4 p.m.—Hutchins. London—from the Office, 81, High Street (via Railway), daily.—Pickford. London—from the Office, 3, Oxford Street (via Railw [...]
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