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Full text:[...] GENERAL INFORMATION. BOROUGH REGULATIONS. 415 March 1.—Auditors and Assessors of Boroughs to be elected. March 25.—Overseers are to be appointed on this day, or within fourteen days thereafter. Those [...]
Full text:[...]  418 GENERAL INFORMATION. THE QUARTER SESSIONS Are held in the Guildhall, over the Bargate. County Quarter Sessions must be held in the 1st week after the 28th of December ; 1st week after 31st March [...]
Full text:[...] 434 GENERAL INFORMATION. i '} ! 5 SECOND HANTS RIFLE VOLUNTEER CORPS. Established in Southampton, November, 1859. The services of this corps were accepted by Her Majesty in November, 1859. Originally [...]
Full text:[...] 184 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. Jones, Revd. D., Surrey cottage, Spring road, Sholing Jones, Sarah, carrier, Beaulieu Jones, S. A., surgeon-dentist, 3, Portland terrace Jones, Thomas, carpenter, 1, Y [...]
Full text:[...] r SOUTHAMPTON SAVINGS' BANK, WEST ]VCJVI%,IjJL]SrZ)3. x.—This Bank was established in the year 1816, and is consequently now in its Sixtieth year—and has no connection with any other bank. Ine rules [...]
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