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Full text:[...] 28 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF 8TBEETS. 182-183 Jones, Edwin, J. p. 184 Johns, J. J., & Co. 185 Gibbons, B. Police Station, Bar Gate HIGH STREET, Northam. 1 Welch, Charles 3 Mansbridge, L. 4 White, H. W. 5 [...]
Full text:[...] 288 PROFESSIONS AND TBADES. : h "Witt, Miss 0., 13, Albert st, Chapel Woodling, Mrs., 44, St. Mary's road Dyers. Campbell, P. & P., 28, Hanover bdgs Carter, John J., 3, East street Mill & Sons, 58, [...]
Full text:[...] 4l2 general information. SOUTHAMPTON REGISTRARS DISTRICT. REGISTER OFFICE, 23, HIGH STREET. Superintendent Registrar—John Atlee Hunt, Esq., 23, High street. Deputy Superintendent Registrar—Mr. James [...]
Full text:[...] GENERAL INFORMATION. COURT OF PROBATE. Commissioner for Administering Oaths, &c. William Hickman, Esq., 7, Albion place. 419 SURROGATES FOR GRANTING MARRIAGE LICENSES. i The Rev. Arthur Bradley, Angl [...]
Full text:[...] 440 GENERAL INFORMATION. SCHOOL OP ART. (In connection with the Government Department of Science and Art, South Kensington.) philharmonic hall, above bar street. Committee of Management—Chairman, CoL [...]
Full text:[...] PUBiJ? BMAIES. ALPHABETICAL LIST OP STREETS with the nahe3 °f h0useh0lders and "nts placed under the name , op the street in which they reside. . 2 A ■■I above bab street. 1 Ridgway, Joseph 2 Brown, [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. 39 59 Terrey, T., jun. 60 Mitchellfc Burtenshaw 61 Welch, Robert, M.D. 62 Gasking, James 62 Aldana, Alelardo 66 Martell, Mrs. 67 Monday, T. A. 68 Webb Bros. ~ 69 Hosking [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. 115 GUIBERT, J., PROFESSOR DIPLOME of FRENCH, 8, CLIFF ROAD, AVENUE Guilder, Charles, carpenter, Trafalgar road, Freemantle Guillaume, J. S., timber merchant, Botley Guill [...]
Full text:[...] f' 118 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. Harley, T., engineer, 7, Guillaume terrace Harman, J. Samuel, marine store dealer, 78, Orchard lane; private residence, Killarney cottage, Millbrook road, Preemantl [...]
Full text:[...] 174 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. Richardson, Thomas, shipwright, 50, Anderson's terrace • , <. Richarkson, William, beer retailer, "Hanover Anns," 1, Hanover buildings Richardson, Wm., chief officer [...]
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