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Full text:[...] INFORMATION. September 22.—Lists of claimants and of persons objected to, to be fixed by the Town Clerk in some public place of each borough, from this day [...]
Full text:[...] Richard, Esq., Cross-house, Southampton. Day, Charles Arthur, Esq., Polygon, Southampton. Harrison, Charles, Esq., 12, Carlton-crescent, Southampton. Hankinson, Robert Chatfield. Esq., [...]
Full text:[...] of Management—Messrs. Fancourt, Harris, T. Reeves, Miles, Beckingham, Morgan, Boulton, Hodgson, Lycett, Marsh, Sims, Bricknell, "Williams, Still, Targett, and [...]
Full text:[...] ; WILLIAM BURROUGH HILL, Architect, Surveyor, Valuer, Arbitrator, and • Estate Agent. Plans, Specifications, i nd Estimates for the erection of, or alterations to, buildings, and superintendence of w [...]
Full text:[...] Calcutta and Bombay. AUSTRALIAN BRANCH—107, Collins Street, West Melbourne. CANADA BRANCH—Molson's Bank Chambers, Montreal. And Numerous Agencies throughout the Kingdom. The NEW ASSURANCES for [...]
Full text:[...] rates. Bv an arrangement with the PRO^ I DENT CLERKS' MLTUAL LIFE ASSLRANCE ASSOCIATION, all persons assuring their lives with that Association, in connection with a Guarantee, will be enabled to [...]
Full text:[...] HILL. Next Door to the Hartley Institution, 67, HIGH STREET, SOUTHAMPTON ALFRED BARLING & SON WHOLESALE AND RETAIL "III! ©fit % AGENTS FOR H,R,Williams & Co. Wine & Brandy Importers, kii MI [...]
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