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Full text:[...] IB IE IE IR/ I i , TZEEIE3 ^ttglcr-D abarait ^rebeg were awarded THE HIGHEST PBIZE for (W?(! 9 (9 at the VIENNA EXHIBITION, 1873. The Official Report, in pages 167-8 states, that the samples of the [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OF TRADES ALPHABETICALLY ARRANGED FOR THE TOWN OF SOUTHAMPTON AND THE NEIGHBOURING VILLAGES. This List includes those professions not in the separate List at page 322. ? Great care has been tak [...]
Full text:[...] T INDEX TO ADVERTISEMENTS. jt. i ' ;t! : i - >' i ■.' - The Paging of this part of the Book roill be found at the bottom of the Page., PAGE Abraham, Hy., Bureau de Change 65 Adams, John, Bookseller [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. 89 Crabb, F., Dibden villa, Dibden Crabb, James, hairdresser, 2, Pembroke square Crabb, John B., lead, brass, oil and color stores, 64, French street Crabb, Mrs., Freshfie [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. 27 40-41 Smith, Bumstead, & Tripp 42 Evans, Thos. 43 Alexander, TV. 44 Bishop, W. J. 44 Green, Mr. 45 English, W. H. 46 Foster, J. & W. 47 Clark, Thos. 48 Valentine, Mrs [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSION'S AND TRADES. 281 Thomas, Samuel, 3, Richmond street, Marsh Tilbury, Walter, 5, Upper Prospect place Valentine, George, 156, High street Wallis, James J., 84|, St. Mary street Waterman, J. [...]
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